Intention Forms are Available Now

We are starting to prepare for next session.  The first step is to find out what your plans are!   Are you going to graduate?  Or are you going to stay and study at the ELI next session or in a future session?

To tell us, fill out an online Intention Form (

It is due Wednesday, May 31, 2017 by 11:59 PM (Newark time).  Don’t wait until the last minute!  It will only take you a few minutes to complete.  You can do it now!

All students are required to fill out an Intention FormIf you don’t know your plans yet, say that you are staying.  It is easy to change later, if needed, and this will help us plan.

Students can submit the form as many times as they want before the deadline; we only see your most recent submission.

On the Intention Form, you can choose your classes for next session.  Don’t choose the same classes you’re in now unless you want them again.  We need you to choose classes assuming that you pass this session!

Important Note!

If you do not submit your Intention Form by May 31, you will not get a class change code on your schedule, and you will not be able to change classes next session.

To fill out your Intention Form

Click here


If you need help, go to one of the Academic Success Centers – no appointment needed!

Room 209, 108 E. Main St., MondayFriday, 1-4 PM


Room 228, 318 S. College Ave, MondayFriday, 12:35 – 1:35 PM



Need more help?

Remember: ALL STUDENTS have to complete the online Intention Form.  The last day to fill it out is Wednesday, May 31!   Don’t wait!

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