Diversity Program of the Month (April)

The UD ELI’s very own Women’s Life Support Group recently hosted a special event during Middle East Month on campus. The event was called “VOICES of Middle Eastern Women”, developed to celebrate the women of Middle Eastern and North African (MENA) countries. 

We are proud to share the news that this event won for April’s Diversity Program of the Month at the University of Delaware!

Couldn't make it to the event?

Panel Video Intro

The students involved in the event also created a video where they interviewed Americans on campus, asking them what they knew about MENA countries and culture. Watch the video below before listening to the panel discussion!

The program began with a panel of MENA women who each shared their personal experiences and responses to a series of questions.

Following the Question and Answer session, the women were dispersed throughout the room at tables. At each table the panelists were paired with an American discussion leader, two American University of Delaware students and two English Language Institute International Students.

Each table offered different desserts from the various countries represented, as well as different teas and coffees from their cultures.

The discussion at the tables was meant to empower the individuals to share their personal experiences with the other women and feel comfortable to open up and share their stories.

The women who represented the various MENA countries were able to share their stories, their cultures, and religions with the women in attendance. They felt empowered and comfortable to share their experiences with the women that were there.

Women who were not on the panel, but who were there to learn from these individuals, represented an even wider range of cultures, including Cuban, Chinese, Japanese, America, Italian, and many others.

This event brought all women together to learn from each other and empower each other. Everyone there was able to share their voice and be heard.

The panel of women who spoke included:

  • Nouf Alqahtani — Saudi Arabia
  • Spozhmey Massoud — Afghanistan
  • Naglaa Ahmed — Egypt
  • Sumayah AlAzmi — Kuwait
  • Jena Awad — USA/Jordan
  • Asmaa Taha Abo Alouk — Iraq
  • Imane Assakhi — Morocco

Congratulations to these women, ELI staff such as Meghan Gladle and Lizzy Lee, and all of the students who organized and participated in this wonderful event that had such a great impact on our campus.

Want to learn more about MENA culture?

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