Fall 2016 Conditional Admissions Scholarship for New Students

May 5, 2016–The University of Delaware ELI is pleased to announce that incoming CAP students may be eligible for a new tuition scholarship!

CAP Scholarship Fall 2016

Click the image to see a short presentation with details about the scholarship.

* If you have difficulty opening the presentation by clicking on the image above, please click here to download a document (PDF) that contains these details. 

The Fall 2016 semester is fast approaching, and high school graduates around the world are finalizing their decisions about which university they will attend.

Have you been conditionally admitted to the University of Delaware?

If you have received a conditional offer of admission from the University of Delaware for undergraduate or graduate studies, but you have not yet accepted or declined the offer, then it is time to make your final decision. The University of Delaware received a record number of applications this year, and spaces are filling up quickly.

Why are we providing a scholarship?

The ELI has decided to offer a limited number of scholarships for Fall 2016 to new students who will join our Conditional Admissions Program (CAP) for several reasons:

  1. Difficult economic conditions in many countries, as well as the strength of the US Dollar compared to many other currencies, have made it more challenging for students to study abroad. This scholarship allows us to help students and their families to better afford our program.
  2. We have limited spaces left in our first Fall 2016 session (beginning August 18, 2016). We are hoping that this scholarship will help students to make their final commitment to attending our program so that we can better plan for their ELI experience.

What is the value of the scholarship?

The Fall 2016 Conditional Admissions Scholarship is for US $500.

This is a one-time scholarship, and it is only available for new CAP students who will begin their ELI program on August 18, 2016.

What are the requirements of the scholarship?

There are several criteria that must be met in order for a student to be eligible for the scholarship. For more details, please click here to see a short presentation (or you may click on the image above).

Students who meet all of the eligibility requirements must confirm their intent to begin their ELI program on August 18, 2016 and complete all final requirements of the ELI admissions process. This means that the student must complete the ELI’s Study Confirmation Form and submit all required documents so that the ELI’s Conditional Admissions Team can finalize the student’s file and send the I-20 Form and Welcome Package to the student.

All documents must be submitted (and all other requirements completed) on or before May 15, 2016.


It is important to understand that this is a one-time scholarship of $500, and it will only be available to CAP students who meet all of the scholarship requirements and who will begin their studies at the ELI on August 18, 2016. Students who change their program start date (or who cancel their program) will no longer be eligible for the scholarship.


Do you have any questions about the scholarship or the Conditional Admissions Program? If so, please contact us:

  • Telephone: +1-302-831-2674
  • Email: CAPadmissions@udel.edu

You can also view our short presentation for more details about the scholarship and its eligibility requirements.

Be sure to ask the CAP Admissions Team about how you can earn a significant number of university credits through the Conditional Admissions Program (undergraduates only)!


We look forward to welcoming you to our campus this fall!

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