Receive ELI News in your Email

Never miss any news from the ELI again.

Every week, the ELI sends out important announcements (such as school closures) and our weekly Orientation Express newsletter by posting the information on this web page.

You now have the option of receiving this information directly in your email inbox!

Using Feedburner, an online email subscription service, the ELI can now send news items directly to your email inbox.

To sign up, it is very easy:

  1. On the side of this page, under the heading “Cool Stuff for Students,” click on “Get ELI News in your Email.”
  2. Enter your email address and the letters from the CAPTCHA image and click “Complete subscription request.”
  3. A confirmation message will automatically be sent to your email inbox. Once you open that message and click on the link, your email box will automatically begin receiving messages from the ELI. It’s easy!

We hope this service will help to keep you informed about ELI activities and announcements.

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