Craig Dsouza

Craig Dsouza has completed his Masters in Energy and Environmental Policy at CEEP with a focus on water issues. Central principles upon which his research is based include the belief in universal access to clean water and community participation in decision making. His research at CEEP addressed the environmental and social impacts of poor municipal solid waste management in India, highlighting the consequences of these on water quality. At CEEP Craig was part of the SET research team in publishing two reports, the first assessing the effectiveness of Green Infrastructure in mitigating Non Point Source Pollution and a second report exploring community participation and knowledge on brownfield issues. He has experience volunteering with the Ecological Society in Pune, India on river restoration projects. As part of a team at the University of Delaware that partook in the EPA Rainworks competition, Craig helped develop GIS maps and hydrology models for the local watershed. Craig is a firm believer in empowerment through grassroots activism and volunteering and has worked with groups to promote causes including local organic food, the reduction of waste, commuting by bicycle as well as climate action.