CEEP researchers (including our own Job Taminiau) have published a paper in the WIREs Energy Environment that analyzes the sustainable energy utility and energy service utility concepts and applications in order to gauge their transformative potential in realizing ecological and social sustainability.

Strategies that guided development throughout the 20th century relied heavily on economic optimality as a chief guiding principle in the design of energy, technology, markets, and policy. A review of the record of performance of this decision‐making process is followed by a review of proposals to redefine energy progress on sustainability principles. An emerging 21st sustainability paradigm is described which relies on commons‐based economics and long‐term ecological viability. An existing operational expression of the new paradigm—the Sustainable Energy Utility (SEU)—is analyzed as a practical means to arrive at the New Economics and New Policy which might guide the sector. It is compared to the Energy Service Utility and its applications in order to gauge the transformative potential of the SEU. Read more>>