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Feelings towards immigration reform!


April 21, 2014 by Edwin

As you may have seen I have changed my research topic from Delaware Crew team who had a great finish from their 2F boat in the SIRA Championship beating Perdue by .02 seconds at the finish line after one of the Delaware’s rowers fell off there seat twice, to a new topic of Immigration reform here in the United States. I will be do a live blog on one of my recourses by Mary H. Cooper

8:25-Cooper starts off her essay by stating the negative feelings towards immigrants especially after events such as 9/11 and then continues by describing the words inscribed in the statue if liberty and compared them to this new feeling of viewing todays immigrants as “source of trouble, not as promise” which would be one of the feeling I would think of when talking about this topic.

8:30- Cooper tells of the “illegal Immigrants” that attacked the world trade center followed by the “illegals” from Pakistan who killed two CIA agents that had a job, license and bought the murder weapon legally in the US and finally ending with 2 main nominees for attorney general who then dropped of because the hired and employed “illegal or undocumented aliens”- which lead me to think, are these the main reasons for the resentment for north American immigrants coming from Mexico, Honduras, Guatemala and other south American countries?

8:44- Cooper describes former President Clintons approach to immigration, which is to heighten policies that would increase security of the US Mexico border, and later stating that this immigration is affecting the black community by taking its gobs, however is this the only community it affects? How great are the effects to these communities and if polices where to stop immigration would the black communities high unemployment drop?

8:49-Cooper has now summarized the positive feeling towards immigration with a surprising fact “of the approximately 1 million people who enter the United States each year to stay, 700,000 are legal immigrants, 125,000 are admitted as refugees and 250,000 enter illegally.” Could this fact change the resentment towards immigrants and their decedents because of this whole misbelieve that every immigrant is illegal?

9:03- Now with all the data accumulated it is easy to see where peoples ideas and thoughts fall about the topic, which is the main reason I picked this article. I wanted to get a good feel for the feeling which come down to supporting or being against reform, but this article only gives me half of the information I want because I will now compare all of these feeling that are from the 1990-1995 to a more recent one more specifically within the last 5 (2011-20140) and see how much they have changed if any. One big note that I got from this is that no matter what side you choose is not ass important as actually doing something about it which would come down to fixing current policies


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