The Environmental Biogeochemistry Laboratory (EBL) has two major research facilities:

1. Analytical Biogeochemistry Facility
2. Stable Isotopes Facility

1. Analytical Biogeochemistry Facility

The Analytical Biogeochemistry Facility is located in WOR 216. This facility is equipped with a series of analytical instruments that include a Coy anaerobic glove box (for redox controlled experiments), Thermo biosafety cabinet (for biological experiments), Dionex 600 high performance ion chromatograph (for anion and cation analyses), Micromeritics BET analyzer (for measuring particle surface and pore area), Labconco freeze drier (sample drying), Turbo vap (speed evaporation), Katanax K1 fluxer (dissolving soil/sediment), centrifuges (bench top, micro and high-speed), binocular microscope, magnetic separator, Millipore water purification system (18 mega-ohm), temperature controlled water baths, shakers, analytical pH and Eh meters, macro and micro balances, refrigerators and -80 C freezer, incubators (RT to 1000 C).

Other equipment in the process of acquisition include vacuum trap and roasting unit, portable fume hood, and set up for column transport experiments.

2. Stable Isotope Geochemistry Laboratory

The Stable Isotope Geochemistry Facility in the Environmental Biogeochemistry Laboratory is the state of art facility. It equips thermochemical elemental analyzer (TC/EA; for pyrolysis of PO4 and SO4 oxyanions for O isotopes), elemental analyzer (EA; for combustion of carbonaceous and nitrogenous compounds for C, N isotopes, and GasBench (GB) for O isotopes in carbonates and water. These components are connected to a Thermo Delta V isotope ratio measuring mass spectrometer (IRMS) via a ConFlow IV. This mass spectrometer is capable of running stable isotopes of O, N, C and other light elements.

This facility is operational since Fall 2012. Primary use for this facility is intended to be for oxygen isotopes in phosphate and water. Other frequently analysed elements are nitrogen and oxygen in nitrogenous compounds, and carbon and oxygen in carbonaceous compounds.