Note Taking Apps

Microsoft OneNote

Microsoft OneNote program allows you to record your lectures or meetings as you type your notes in your digital notebook. Take notes, draw, keep to-do lists, and collaborate with other users. Easily access your notes from a computer and mobile device at any time. Keep all your information in one place by importing your Power Point lectures into your notes or adding images/drawings. Free software with Microsoft.


An app that can fulfill all the duties of a smart pen is Notability by Ginger. You can write or draw notes, record synchronized audio, and save your notes to cloud storage. You can also markup documents, scan documents, or sync notes to other devices. Notability is only compatible with Apple devices. Cost is $8.99.

AudioNote 2

AudioNote 2 by Luminant Software is a free alternative to Notability which is compatible with Windows, Mac, iOS, and Android. You can type or draw notes on your device while recording synchronized audio that adapts in volume to the size of the room. You can access your notes through different platforms, sync your notes using iCloud or Dropbox, or upload your notes to social media. A paid pro version gives access to higher quality recordings, timestamps, and importing audio.

Otter Voice

Otter ai will record lectures and create a full transcript in real time on a mobile device or web browser. You can insert notes, images, highlight text, and sync photos. Recordings are processed and saved to your account. Basic version is available as a free app for individuals.