Study Recruiting

At the University of Delaware, the Delaware Rehabilitation Institute is currently recruiting for multiple research studies. Recruitment criteria and application instructions follow below.


Achilles Tendon Study

We are conducting a study evaluating if there is a difference between how men and women with Achilles tendinopathy (painful Achilles tendon) respond to treatment.

If you have pain in your Achilles tendon that gets worse with walking, running and jumping you might be eligible to participate in our research study.

•       The study will include evaluation of your Achilles tendon and standard physical therapy intervention.

•       You will be compensated for participating and the treatment is at no cost to you or your insurance.

•       To qualify you must:

         ▸ Be between the ages of 18-65 years

         ▸ Have Achilles tendon pain

Detailed information can be found on our Achilles Tendon Study brochure.  If you are interested in participating please contact our Research Coordinator at 302-831-4615, by email at or follow this link to submit your interest online  

ACL Study 

qMRI Study: We are looking for individuals between the ages of 16-45 who have undergone ACL reconstructive surgery within the last 3 months. The study involves a walking and quantitative magnetic resonance imaging (qMRI) to monitor knee cartilage health over time.  A phone conversation is required to determine study eligibility. If you are interested, please contact Jenn Marmon at (302) 831-6202 or  Detailed information can be found on our ACL Reconstructive Surgery flyer.  

Cerebral Palsy (CP) Study

We are recruiting children WITH or WITHOUT cerebral palsy who can walk unassisted and are 5 – 12 years of age for a research study. We want to see how cerebral palsy affects balance & mobility. Compensation provided. For more information, please contact or (302) 831-4615.  Detailed information can be found on our Cerebral Palsy brochure.  

Healthy Individuals Study

We are looking for healthy individuals 18 years or older who are interested in participating in research studies. We need individuals who are without pain or health conditions.  Studies may include questionnaires, screening, strength testing, walking analysis or functional testing.  You may be compensated, depending on the study. If interested, please contact Jenn Marmon at (302) 831-4615 or

Memory Loss and Aging Studies

We are looking for older adults between the ages of 60-90 years who have noticed a decline in their memory and are interested in participating in clinical trials to improve memory and brain health. If interested, please contact Jenn Marmon at (302) 831-4615 or to schedule a brief telephone screening. Qualified individuals will be invited to receive a free in-person memory screening and may be eligible to participate in clinical trials related to the use of aerobic exercise and/or nutritional supplements for improving memory and brain health with aging.  Detailed information can be found on our Memory Studies brochure.

Patellar Tendinopathy Study

A randomized clinical trial evaluating the impact of activity modification during rehabilitation on recovery from patellar tendinopathy in active individuals. Find out more information here. This study is recruiting. If you are interested in participating Click here.

Stroke (PROWALKS) Study

Promoting Recovery Optimization With WALKing Exercise After Stroke (PROWALKS) Identifier: NCT02835313
Stroke survivors, as a group, are extremely inactive and this has serious consequences for them, including an increased risk of a second stroke and developing other diseases. This study investigates a novel intervention designed to improve everyday activity after stroke by combining walking training to improve walking capacity with a program to encourage more daily walking. For more information, please contact Alicia Adkins at (302) 831-0150 or  Detailed information can be found on our PROWALKS flyer.