The Stroke Research Group at the University of Delaware is an interdisciplinary team working to advance rehabilitation science and clinical practice for people who have experienced a stroke.

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Jill Higginson, Darcy Reisman, Stuart Binder-Macleod, Jared Medina, Susanne Morton

Elisa Arch
Department of Kinesiology and Applied Physiology
Research:  Understanding the interaction between the human musculoskeletal system and orthotic/prosthetic devices.

Stuart Binder-Macleod
Department of Physical Therapy
Research: Improvement of walking function using fast treadmill training and electrical stimulation of lower-extremity muscles

Jeremy Crenshaw
Department of Kinesiology and Applied Physiology
Research:  To extend the health span of patient populations through interventions to reduce the incidence of falls, lessen the severity of fall injury, and enable physical activity.

Jill Higginson
Department of Mechanical Engineering
Research: Understanding of muscle coordination for activities of daily living through coupled experimental and simulation studies.

Jared Medina
Department of Psychology
Research: Understanding how the brain integrates sensory information to provide knowledge regarding our bodies.

Susanne Morton
Department of Physical Therapy
Research: Motor learning in health and disease; noninvasive brain stimulation for physical recovery following stroke.

Darcy Reisman
Department of Physical Therapy
Research: Understanding the mechanisms of movement dysfunction following stroke.

Fabrizio Sergi
Department of Biomedical Engineering
Research:  to achieve the dual goals of developing and validating robotic technologies for human assistance and rehabilitation, and of using such novel technologies in experimental studies modeling the healthy and impaired human motor control.

Anyone interested in learning more about the UD Stroke Research Team should contact Jane Diehl at (302) 831-4616 or email