Cytomechanics Core

Researchers at the Delaware Rehabilitation Institute will pursue a multidisciplinary, collaborative approach to address the cellular level of osteoarthritis (OA) along with prevention and treatment. 


Our Services

  • Confocal imaging
  • Bio-imaging
  • Live-cell imaging
  • Mechanical loading
  • Mechanical testing
  • Bone and Cartilage processing and histology

Our Equipment

Epifluorescence Microscopes: Upright Zeiss w/ Color Axio CamMRc5 camera; Inverted Zeiss w/ Monochrome AxioCamNRc camera and motorized stage; Upright Zeiss Image A2 w/ Color Axio CamMRc5 camera.

Confocal Microscope: Zeiss LSM510 Inverted Observe.Z1 with optional lens inverter, environmental chamber, and heated stage.

Fluorescent Microscope and Calcium Imaging: Leica DMI6000B Inverted w/ high speed EMCCD camera, motorized stage and environmental chamber

Stereomicroscope: Olympus SZx7

Live imaging Apparatus: Isofluorane anesthesia machine; Environmental Chamber; Incubation System (PECON System 2000)

Mechanical Testing Devices: Instron 5848 MicroTester; TA Instruments Dynamic Mechanical Analyzer; Bose ElectroForce TestBench; Custom Piezo-positioning/loading system; Custom Cantilever loading device; Custom Microindenter;

Physiological Manipulation Devices: Syringe Pump (Harvard Apparatus PhD Ultra); MultiChannel Dispenser (ISMATE IPC High Precision); Catheter Blood Pressure measuring system (Millar); Manipulators (Narishig);

Sample Prep and Histology: Diamond Saws (Buehler Isomet 1000 and Isomet low speed precision); 3D table-top milling machine (Roland);

There are multiple ways to take advantage of the array of Cytomechanics Core services. Contact Liyun Wang, Director, to find out more.