DRI’s state-of-the-art facility located in the Health Sciences Complex at the 272-acre UD Science, Technology & Advanced Research (STAR) Campus in Newark, Delaware, further promotes collaboration among academic disciplines that are devoted to advancing the science of rehabilitation, including areas such as osteoarthritis, stroke, and pediatric mobility and the rehabilitation of wounded warriors.


The Health Sciences Complex on the STAR Campus provides the infrastructure where partnerships that are vital to the success of DRI’s mission can germinate and succeed.

The STAR Campus is also home to UD’s College of Health SciencesBADER Consortium and the Delaware Health Sciences Alliance. It is adjacent to the University of Delaware’s campus near the Bob Carpenter Sports Complex and I-95 in Newark. The Health Sciences Complex will feature indoor and outdoor areas, including walking and biking paths, to promote physical mobility and health. For maps and directions, please Contact Us.


Cytomechanics Laboratory
Carl Zeiss LSM 510 inverted confocal microscope, equipped with dry, water immersion and dipping objectives and a lens inverter; Boss LM test bench system for controlled loading of biological tissues; Instron Micro Tester 5848.

Motion Analysis Laboratory
The Department of Physical Therapy houses a 2354 square foot laboratory for research in motor control, biomechanics and the Running Injury Clinic. Equipment includes a VICON motion system, Bertec force platforms, Motion Lab EMG systems and an AMTI instrumented treadmill. Read more »

Neuromuscular Biomechanics Laboratory
Shared equipment within the Center for Biomedical Research includes an instrumented split-belt treadmill (Bertec), 6-camera motion capture system (Motion Analysis) and 16-channel EMG system (Noraxon). Read more »

Posture and Movement Biomechanics Laboratory
Other labs within the Center for Biomedical Research maintain a 7-camera motion capture system (Qualisys), floor-mounted force plate (AMTI), tethered and telemetered EMG systems (Motion Labs), Biodex dynamometer and Asumi 5000 ultrasound unit.

Tissue Engineering Laboratory
Equipped with an Instron Microtester with a range of load cells, LVDT’s, extensometers, specimen grips and computer-based test control and data collection; a compound microscope equipped with BioQuant Imaging system for high-resolution visualization of displacement-force testing of biomaterials and biological tissues. Custom testing devices for animal loading and tissue testing; stereomicroscopes.