Logging In

Using Shibboleth to log in to WordPress at UD

On http://sites.udel.edu , you’ll see a grey bar across the top of the page.
On the far left of this bar, click Log In.
Because http://sites.udel.edu is hosted at Edublogs,  you’ll see the following UD Shibboleth Authentication Service page:sites-login-sample

In partnership with InCommon Federation, UD provides access to various digital resources nationwide for current students, faculty and staff.  We use the Shibboleth consortium‘s software to log in securely to a remote location like Edublogs with your UDelNet ID and password.

Provide your UDelNet ID (Username) and password.   Then click Login.

You may be presented with a page asking you to approve sending the listed credentials to the server sites.udel.edu. It will look like this:

screenshot of shibboleth question

Review the information to be provided to the service and accept or reject the release of this information.

If this is the first time you’ve logged in to sites.udel.edu, a personal or test blog will be created for you.
Its URL will be:

  • http://sites.udel.edu/udelnetid
  • If you already have one or more WordPress sites on which you can work, select the site you are working on from the My Sites menu in the top navigation bar.
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