Adding New Users

NOTE: Users MUST have an account created on before they can be added to your WordPress site. (See Non existing user accounts section)

Existing user accounts on

Site administrators can add new users by following these steps.

  • From your site’s Dashboard, select Users -> Add New.
  • In the Add Existing User section, type the user’s complete UD email address ( in the the Email or Username field.
    Screenshot of adding an existing user
  • Select the appropriate Role for the user. (See WordPress User Roles (external link) for more information.)
  • Repeat steps to add additional users. If you require a large number of additional users, contact the IT Support Center (external link) for assistance.

Non existing user accounts on

Current faculty, staff, and students with a UDelNetID and password can create an account themselves.

  • Navigate to
  • Click Log In at the top left of the window, enter your UDelNetID and password on the Shibboleth Authentication Service screen and click the Log In button. Submitting the form will automatically create a WordPress account.
  • Once the user has been created in the database, notify your site administrator to have them add you as an existing user.

WordPress Guest Accounts

Retirees, alumni, part-time employees or students, and other guest users of WordPress will need a sponsored guest account to access WordPress.

After a guest account is created, the user will need to log in following the instructions above to create a WordPress account. They may then be added as an existing user.