Making Progress on Inclusive Excellence

2018 Inclusive Excellence Mid-Term Report

Diversity is a core value and guiding principle for the University of Delaware’s educational mission, and we continue to strive to make our campus more equitable, inclusive and diverse. As our Advancing Inclusive Excellence—Mid-Term Report demonstrates, our efforts to diversify our campus community are showing promising trends in both student and faculty diversity. Enrollment numbers amongst historically underrepresented and underserved groups from North America has increased 20% in the past five years for undergraduate students and has increased 33.5% for graduate students who identify as Black/African American. For Hispanic/Latino(a) graduate students, enrollment numbers have improved 54% in the past five years, and for those individuals who identify as two or more races, that number is up 81% since 2013.

Areas of Progress

  • New staff positions, rich programming, scholarships and community-based partnerships focused on attracting underrepresented and first-generation undergraduate and graduate students and ensuring their success and persistence to graduation;
  • New resources dedicated to the recruitment, retention, and advancement of a diverse faculty;
  • Training, courses, and mentoring programs to bolster hiring and retention of underrepresented employees and encourage respect for and appreciation of individual differences; and
  • Mechanisms for ensuring continued diversity planning and accountability.

College and Unit Reports on Diversity

In an effort to strategically and purposefully engage the practice of diversity and inclusion in all areas of the campus, each of the seven colleges and select academic units are asked to provide a quality review assessment of their diversity practices. Each area is asked to describe their unit’s diversity blueprint or goals (if any) for the past five years as it relates to faculty, staff/professionals, and students; measure the success in achieving these goals both qualitatively and quantitatively; and to describe current efforts as it relates to recruitment, retention, campus climate (i.e. classroom, department, college), training and professional development, and community outreach/engagement.

We will provide updates here in the near future. Next steps will be to develop strategic plans for each college and academic unit to achieve benchmarked goals in alignment with the institutional diversity action plan, Inclusive Excellence.


College of Agriculture and Natural Resources

College of Earth, Ocean, and Environment

College of Education & Human Development


Office of Graduate & Professional Education

Professional and Continuing Studies

Status Report

One of the hallmarks of a great institution is its ability to harness the extraordinary gifts and talents of its diverse citizenry to do extraordinary things in our communities that change the world.

Inclusive Excellence, as a practice, ensures that we as an institution continue to cultivate an environment at UD that promotes student success and the holistic development of faculty and staff. Diversity is a core value and guiding principle for the University of Delaware’s educational mission as we work to prepare students to live in an increasingly interconnected and diverse world. We are committed to building an inclusive educational community, one whose excellence is based not only on stellar disciplinary achievement, but also on understanding people from different backgrounds and circumstances, with different needs, perspectives and ways of thinking. We work hard to make all people who are part of the University feel welcomed and valued in campus life.

Diversity Action Plan


Plan de Acción para la Diversidad