Biden, Blunt-Rochester say King’s words still relevant today:

Former Vice President Joe Biden gives the keynote address during the Delaware State Bar Association Annual Dr. Martin Luther King Jr. Breakfast & Statewide Day of Service Monday at the Chase Center. (Photo: Jerry Habraken, The News Journal)

Five months removed from neo-Nazis marching with torches in hand at one of America’s most prestigious universities, and a day removed from the president of the United States having to publicly state he’s not a racist, Martin Luther King Jr. Day was a reminder that the civil rights activist’s words are just as relevant now as they were 50 years ago.

That sentiment was expressed by Delaware congresswoman Lisa Blunt Rochester and echoed by others, including keynote speaker Joe Biden, Monday morning at the Delaware State Bar Association’s annual Martin Luther King, Jr. breakfast at the Chase Center on the Riverfront in Wilmington.

The event, one of many in the area to honor the Nobel Peace Prize winner, brought members of the bar, community leaders and elected officials together.

Blunt Rochester, the state’s first woman and first African-American representative in Congress, said she was told to be short and pithy before she spoke at the podium.

“This is not the year for short and pithy,” Blunt Rochester said.

“In this year, I’ve seen that King is more relevant today than ever,” she added. “Because King fought for human rights like health care. Guess what? We’re still fighting for health care. King fought for justice. Guess what? One in three Americans has a criminal record. We’re still fighting for justice. King fought for peace. Right now, we’re concerned with whether or not someone is going to press that big button and blow us all up.”

Biden said he was invited to give the keynote to speak about what lessons learned from Dr. King’s leadership may still be especially relevant today. The former vice president, who some say is using these speaking engagements to elevate his profile for a run in 2020, called King one of his two political heroes along with Robert F. Kennedy….

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