Increasing racial and cultural diversity

Preparing students

to live in an increasingly interconnected and diverse world


Fostering a robust educational environment


Increasing the racial and cultural diversity

Increasing racial and cultural diversity

Preparing students to live in an increasingly interconnected and diverse world

Fostering a robust educational environment

Increasing the racial and cultural diversity

University of Delaware


As prepared by the Diversity and Equity Commission and The President’s Diversity Initiative

The University of Delaware’s educational mission is to prepare students to live in an increasingly interconnected and diverse world. To do so, we are committed to fostering a robust educational environment that supports critical thinking, free inquiry, and an understanding of diverse views and values. We see diversity as a core value and guiding principle for our educational mission and thus must work to make diversity an integral part of everyday life on campus. To this end, we take diversity to mean both the recognition and appreciation of the different backgrounds, values, and ideas of those who comprise our campus, as well as a commitment to ensuring that all people on our campus are treated according to principles of fairness, civility, dignity, and equity. We are committed to building an educational community that understands people from different backgrounds and economic circumstances, with different needs, and from diverse personal and philosophical beliefs. We want to make all people who are part of the University feel welcome and valued in campus life.

Fight to End Segregation Not Over

Mary Frances Berry delivers the annual Louis L. Redding Lecture

National Diversity Award

UD receives the 2018 Higher Education Excellence in Diversity Award

Persistence through the Ph.D.

Dedication to mentoring others leads to success

Success grants financial literacy

Program offers financial support, literacy programming.

Combating Food Waste

UD students, faculty and Dining Services pitch in to fight waste, hunger.

Division of Student Life

Student Life endeavors to inspire all UD students to become thriving individuals, able to enrich their communities and make meaningful contributions to society as engaged citizens, inclusive leaders and lifelong learners. The division’s programs and services help students build awareness of problems affecting their communities, and develop skills for understanding and engaging with individuals different from themselves.


Office of Equity & Inclusion

Providing leadership and support in creating an equitable, diverse and inclusive working and learning environment for all in our community. OEI is responsible for managing complaints of harassment and discrimination, affirmative action compliance, protection of minors on campus, and on-going education in all of these areas.


Center for the Study of Diversity

The Center for the Study of Diversity promotes academic research and scholarship that facilitate dialogues about and understanding of the social and academic impact of diversity. The Center brings a broadly interdisciplinary focus to its activities, projects, programs, and publications on research and analysis, training, public scholarship, community projects, and information dissemination.


Office of Disability Support Services

The University of Delaware is committed to providing access to its academic experience, employment opportunities, programs and activities for all individuals with disabilities. Through an interactive process that includes the individual with a disability and various campus stakeholders, the Office of Disability Support Services (DSS) facilitates appropriate and reasonable accommodations in order to eliminate or minimize accessibility barriers the individual may face. DSS also provides educational resources and consultation to the University community across a variety of topics related to accessibility and inclusion of people with disabilities within our community.


Diversity on campus benefits all students

We know that being around people from diverse backgrounds fosters innovation and encourages collaboration. Increased racial diversity on campus is positive, and results in higher levels of academic achievement and contributes to the improvement of intergroup relations.

Community Engagement

Engaged, dedicated, loyal and enthusiastic are some of the adjectives that describe the University of Delaware community. Among the University’s greatest strengths is its long and vibrant tradition of public service. In a recent national survey, 75 percent of UD students indicated that they participated in community service by the time they were seniors.

We Are Diversity

Our University is committed to embracing a diverse and inclusive campus that reflects our collective views, experiences, capabilities, cultures, aspirations, and ultimately our commitment to excellence.

Educational communities are enriched by the contributions and full participation of people from different backgrounds.

We strive to:

  • Increase the racial and cultural diversity of its students, faculty and staff.
  • Create a climate that encourages the University community to respect and appreciate individual and cultural differences.
  • Promote equity for people of different backgrounds throughout all areas of University life.
  • Develop organizational practices that include the participation and perspectives of these groups.
  • Enhance the curriculum by including the contributions and perspectives of different races, cultures and gender

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