Julia Katcher


Julia Katcher, RD, BS

University of Delaware, 2017, Dietetics

PhD Nutrition Science

Goal:  To continue researching alternatives to restrictive dieting and how we can best help people improve their health without harming their relationship with food. I’m also a registered dietitian so I hope to have a private practice on the side and put into practice what we learn through our research.

Interested in: Weight-neutral interventions, such as intuitive eating, and how they impact one’s health and disordered eating tendencies.



Catherine Davis


Catherine Davis

University of Delaware, 2020, Nutrition & Dietetics

Goal: Attend a masters program followed by obtaining a P.h.D to be able to go into research regarding disordered eating.

Interested in: To learn how eating behavior is influenced and how restricted and disordered eating alters body composition.





Julia MacMasters


Julia MacMasters

University of Delaware, Expected 2021, Nutrition & Dietetics

Goal: I plan on becoming a Registered Dietitian, working in community settings, as well as obtaining a Personal Training license.

Interested in: Social impacts on disordered eating as well as intervention strategies.





Julianna Slominski


Julianna Slominski

University of Delaware, Expected 2022, Nursing

Goal: After completing my bachelor’s I would like to continue my education. I’m interested in working in Pediatrics or Labor and Delivery.

Interested in: What determines what we want to eat in our environment and what changes that.







Muyang Wu

University of Delaware, Expected 2021, Nutrition & Dietetics and Nutrition & Medical Science

Goal: Go to graduate school, and take the Registered Dietitian Certificate.

Interested in: How the body shape of people around you will affect your eating habits.




Jennifer Waltman, LMT, CLT

University of Delaware, 2020, Health Behavior Science

Goal: I am applying to Physical Therapy Schools and I want to continue my work with Lymphedema after graduation.

Interested in: How social media influences body image and disordered eating.