Promoting Green Jobs on Capitol Hill

On Monday, March 2nd 13 leaders from the College Democrats and Students for the Environment met with Senator Tom Carper’s staff in his Washington, DC office to discuss green technologies, green jobs and sustainable development.

The meeting, arranged by the Energy Action Coalition, was intended to help shape the fight over climate change and lobby our Congressional leaders for a new generation of clean technology.

The College Democrats are proud to support this fight against drastic climate change. We believe it is urgent that Congress adopts new legislation that promotes new clean coal technologies and corporate incentives to create a new generation of green jobs. Further, we support the President’s plan to reduce carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. Read the President’s plan here.

Overall, 12,000 college students from across the nation gathered in DC last weekend to rally for sustainable development. We are proud that Senator Carper supports our goals and we look forward to working with our Democratic leaders on the climate change issue.

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