Please pre-register for the following events:

Annie’s Project
Contact:  Tracy Wootten
Phone:  302-856-7303

Beef Cattle Producers Session
Contact:  Daniel Severson
Phone:  302-831-2506

Annual Delaware Agricultural Industry Dinner
Contact:  Stacey Hofmann
Phone:  302-698-4542

 Delaware Horticulture Industry Expo and
Annual Pesticide Conference
Contact:  Valann Budischak
Phone:  888-448-1203

 Delaware Urban Farm and Food
Coalition Session
Contact:  Carrie Murphy
Phone:  302-831-2506

FVGAD Awards Luncheon
and Business Meeting
Contact:  Emmalea Ernest
Phone:  302-856-7303

Risk Management Session
Contact:  Laurie Wolinski
Phone:  302-831-2538

Small Ruminant Session
Contact:  Kwame Matthews
Phone:  302-857-6540

Soil Health Workshop
Contact:  Sussex Conservation District
Phone:  302-856-3990 ext. 3

Women in Agriculture Conference
Contact:  Shannon Dill
Phone:  410-822-1244