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Alumni News

General Remarks

  • Alumni are listed alphabetically by last name at time of graduation. The month when the item was last updated appears in parentheses, as do maiden names.
  • Here “class” is defined as loosely as possible. Not all the students listed graduated together in June 1987: some graduated early, some after summer school, and some upon passing the California equivalency examination. Some were with us for most of our time at MVHS, though perhaps not our final year.
  • I do try to check the veracity of everything posted here, but everyone makes mistakes. If you note a mistake here, don’t get mad: just and I’ll try to correct the problem.
  • Has something exciting, interesting, or embarrassing happend to you recently? To send in news about yourself,
  • Watch this space for more news about your classmates!

Alumni News

Jason Adams is an Executive Vice President for Trammell Crow Residential in Carlsbad. He and his wife Sylvia own a Real Estate and Development Company as well. They live in Temecula, CA and have recently become empty nesters with their youngest son attending University of San Diego.  (10/19)

Kami (Allen) Johs works as an office manager in Perris. (1/23)

Nicole (Ali) Mack works for Ingram Micro in Santa Ana. She lives in Seal Beach with her husband Kurt and their five children. (1/22)

Kami (Allen) Johs works as a bookkeeper for the family business.  She lives with her husband Andrew and 16 year-old son Michael.  (10/07)

Sarah (Anderson) Ryba works a Clinical Research Associate for Parexel, monitoring clinical trials for drugs trying to receive FDA approval. She and her husband Eric live in San Diego.  (3/00)

Kris (Andren) West happily works as a homemaker and part-time yoga instructor and is married to Ron West, her high school sweetheart.  They live in Redlands, raising their three children: Paige, Clay, and Cole. (8/12)

Lisa (Arnold) McCorry works as an air traffic controller. She and her husband live in the Spokane area. (5/20)

Thomas Ashburn passed away, perhaps in 2003.

Kimberly Atkinson passed away in 1987.

Jim Bailey works as the lead mentor for the Rock Tree Sky educational program in Ojai, where he lives.  (5/20)

D. Keith Benton lives in Cypress, TX and works as the Health, Safety, and Environment director for Cotton Commercial USA.  (3/17)

Timothy Bickham works as a structured cabling tech.  He lives in Alta Loma with his wife, and is a grandfather twice over.  He also does custom carpentry under the business name Timber Creations.  (1/15)

Jennifer Bloom and her sisters run a family business selling novelties and gifts wholesale.  She lives in San Jacinto.  (10/07)

Julie Bloom works as an insurance adjuster and helps her sisters with a family business selling novelties and gifts wholesale.  She lives in San Jacinto.  (10/07)

Phyllis (Booth) Finnegan lives with her husband Sean and two children in Laguna Niguel.  (8/12)

Michael D. Bradley works as a public defender in the Bronx, NY. (2/00)

Jennifer (Brewer) Garcia lives in Redlands with her husband Blake and three children.  (8/12)

Bryan Brice lives with his wife Wendy (McCamish) in Bellingham, WA.  (1/22)

Sean Bridgewater works as a network security engineer for Harbor Freight Tools.  He lives with his wife and children in Simi Valley, CA.  (2/14)

Bob Brough has returned to Moreno Valley High School as its principal.  He and his wife Marisa (Soliz) live in Woodcrest and have two children: Nico and Isabella. (10/13)

Danny Cleo Brown lives in Moreno Valley.  (8/12)

Karie (Brown) Woodward lives in Moreno Valley (5/17).

Lesli Brown works as a teacher.  She lives in Georgetown, TX with her husband and two sons.  (6/12)

Victoria Brown lives in Redlands with her two daughters.  (8/12)

Deborah (Buchanan) Smith works for the Lamar advertising company and lives in Cherry Valley.  (1/16)

Jerry Buchko recently received his master’s degree in counseling and lives in the St. Paul, MN area. (11/97)

Michael Bunuan works and plays music for a church, as well as doing photography.  He lives in Riverside.  (5/20)

Christine (Burge) Hughes works as an instructional aide.  She lives in Murrieta with her husband and two sons.  (5/17)

Richard Bushard works as a project manager for a videoconferencing company.  He lives with his wife Sharon and daughter Ashley in Grand Terrace.  (3/12)

James Carney lives in Las Cruces, NM.  He has five children.  (3/12)

Gabriela Carrillo works for Riverside Superior Court.  She lives in Moreno Valley.  (1/13)

Genise (Cates) Cortes passed away in May 2008.  (5/08)

Caroline (Chacon) Sears works as the head of the Writer’s Guild, West registry.  She lives in Los Angeles with three of her four children.  (9/15)

Greg Chambers works as a power generation manager. He lives in Peoria, AZ.  (1/23)

Danny Chien was scheduled to complete his master’s degree in International Business at the University of London in May 2008.  (10/07)

Amie Clark works as an HR Payroll Specialist for Clorox in Pleasanton.  She lives with her twin daughters in Tracy.  (1/22)

Brian Clark has retired from the Air Force and works as a teacher at Valley View High School.  (1/23)

Daniel Collins works as a real estate agent and is pondering a run for public office.  He lives in Winchester with his wife.  (5/17)

Alfredo Colon works as a realtor in Las Vegas, NV. (1/23)

Christopher Condos works as a manager of engineering for Time Warner Cable.  He lives in Moreno Valley.  (1/13)

Nicole (Cook) Lindemuth teaches special education in Moreno Valley. She lives in Winchester with her husband Gary and their two children, Catherine and Garret, and their niece Kiara. (4/12)

Phyllis (Cooley) Lewis earned her MBA and is now state manager for an insurance company.  She lives in Virginia with her husband Craig and two children, Josh (18) and Sydney (12).  (10/07)

Sheri (Cummings) Burger-Simms is currently working as a Teacher’s Assistant at the California School for the Deaf in  Riverside.  She lives in Riverside and has three children.  (8/12)

John Dahl teaches geometry at Rancho Verde. (10/07)

Eydie Dannov passed away in August 2018. (8/18)

Annie (Daraban) Thompson is studying architecture and landscape design.  She lives with her husband Scott in Anaheim.  (10/07)

Stephen DeFort now works as a stock broker and insurance agent in Hailey, ID.  He served as a Marine for 14 years.  (12/12)

Wendie (Dehart) Richetti works in customer service.  She lives in Long Beach and has three children.  (4/12)

Michael Delos Santos works as an ultrasound technician in Buena Park.  (2/14)

Dawn (DePierro) Robbins works as a social media and ad specialty manager at MLC Expert Consulting.  She lives in Las Vegas. (1/23)

Lynn Diaz works as a dentist for Moreno Valley Endodontics.  She is married with two children.  (10/08)

Traci (DiMartino) Navarro lives in San Angelo, Texas with her family. (1/23)

Michelle (Dix) Seefried has two children.  She will soon be moving to North Dakota.  (8/12)

Kimi (Doi) Mate lives in Tracy, CA with her husband (class of ’89) and several of her three sons.  (3/17)

Samantha Drake manages a general store.  She lives in Tower Hill, IL.  (1/17)

Tara (Doucette) Hayes works for a facilities management company in Tucson, AZ.  She lives there with her husband Mitch and their chihuahua.  (10/07)

Jennifer (Doyle) Clark lives in NC with her three daughters: Lauren, Emily, and Caroline.  (8/12)

Kristy (Edmiston) Silguero works as vice president at Axis Programs.  She lives in Corona.  (1/23)

David A. Edwards works as a professor of mathematical sciences at the University of Delaware. He lives with his wife Jackie and daughter Hope in Wilmington, DE. (3/23)

David W. Edwards passed away in April 2011.

Sheri (Eiler) Pittman works at an elementary school and just finished a medical assistant program.  She lives in Idaho with her husband Shawn (class of ’86) and two sons, Justin and Jordan.  (1/08)

Andre Estrada was married on November 1, 1997 to a young woman named Rachel. (11/97)

Patrick Eugene lives in Japan with his wife and two children, ages 8 and 3.  (11/07)

Michele Feltenberger works in the financial aspect of real estate.  She lives in Moreno Valley.  (3/12)

John Ferguson owns an excavation company in Springfield, MO.  He lives there with his wife Jennifer.  (8/12)

Tami “Rae” (Fieszel) Pierce lives in Redlands with her husband Steve and five children.  (3/12)

Liana (Fletcher) Long teaches first grade.  She lives in Visalia, CA.  (3/12)

Robert Fontaine works as an engineer with the metering division of Southern California Edison.  (10/07)

Stephen Ford works as a bartender.  He lives in Tacoma, WA. (1/14)

Henry Frye used to work as general manager for the Hap Arnold club at March Air Reserve Base.  (4/11)

Yvette (Galindo) Caballero lives in Madison, AL.  (4/12)

Sara (Gallaway) Windham works assisting children in the San Jacinto School District.  She lives with her husband and three sons.  (10/07)

Dale Gardner is now a co-owner of the family business, Sunnymead Hardware.  He lives with his wife Michelle and two sons.  (10/07)

Marisa (Gil) Bell lives in Murrieta with her husband and two sons.  (8/12)

Cathy (Giron) Duron works at Loma Linda University.  She lives in Moreno Valley and has two children.  (4/12)

Brenda (Gorne) McRae lives in Fontana with her daughter.  (3/17)

Steve Goryan works as a desktop technician.  He lives in Rancho Cucamonga.  (4/07)

Marie (Gotchy) James lives in Hemet with her husband and five children.  (4/12)

George Gutierrez works as a project designer/manager for Canyon Consulting.  He lives in Riverside with his wife and two daughters.  (7/06)

Michael Guzman has worked as a physical therapist in Los Angeles for 25 years.  He lives in Hollywood.  (1/16)

Ko Haag works as a senior network engineer for Verizon. (1/23)

Artie Hall is Head of School at Lakeville Prep in Dallas. He has two children. (1/22)

Robbie Haller works as a machine operator.  He lives in Riverview, FL.  He has three children.  (3/12)

Travis Hammer passed away. (8/21)

Chandra (Harper) Lopez lives in Forest Falls with her husband Mike and their two sons, Chad and Anthony. (11/97)

Derek Harris works at UPS and writes songs as a hobby.  He lives with his wife and two sons in Murrieta.  (3/17)

Carrie (Hartman) McDermott works as the editor of Prairie Business magazine in Grand Forks, ND. (3/23)

Denese Hertel works as a respiratory therapist.  She lives in Colorado Springs, CO.  (1/15)

Holly (Holbrook) Aljamali works as a casting director. She is married with two daughters. (1/23)

Ken Holman lives in La Jolla and works as Vice President for Public Finanace at the investment banking firm of Stone & Youngberg.  (1/11)

Rebecca Holloway works as an occupational therapist.  She lives in Eden Prairie, MN. (5/12)

Terrence Howlett performs stand-up comedy. (10/97)

Martin Huerta lives in San Bernardino.  (10/07)

Shelly (Hubbard) Weaver owns a pet food store in Riverside, where she lives.  (1/21)

Steven Jenkins works as a programmer in Las Vegas.  He has two children.  (6/12)

Chandra (Johnson) Duff lives in Moreno Valley.  (3/17)

Jill Johnson is coordinator of children’s services for the Riverside County Office of Education. She lives with her two pugs, Gracie and Fergie, and loves salsa dancing. (10/07)

Kelly (Jones) Thom works part-time for a law firm in La Jolla.  She lives with her husband John and daughter Peri in San Diego, CA.  (4/12)

Jeff Kesterson lives in Happy Valley, OR.  (3/12)

Marjorie Klein works as an Operations Administrator for Packaging Concepts.  She has three children and lives in Rio Rancho, NM. (3/12)

Donna (Koehler) Marier works as an accounting manager.  She lives in Lompoc with her husband Frank and two sons, Boyd  and Kyle.  (3/12)

Tanya Kresta lives in Florida (1/11).

Erik Kruger works as a paralegal.  He lives in San Francisco.  (6/08)

Brian Krusic works as a network consultant at Logan Media.  He and his wife will be moving to Charleston, SC in the coming months.  (1/16)

Angela (Lakin) Albert passed away on November 19, 2014.  (11/14)

Jennifer (Laliberte) Richardson lives in western Washington.  She has two children.  (3/12)

Brandon Lay is an IT specialist.  He has three children and lives in Beaverton, OR. (3/12)

Marvin Lefridge passed away in 2006.

Jami (Lee) Garrett lives in Utah with her husband Gordon and her four children: Max (10), Cole (7), Samuel (4), and Sophie (3).  (12/07)

Vicki (Limoges) Nicklaus lives with her husband in Phoenix, AZ.  She is a regional manager for Grainger Industrial Supply. (1/17)

Toni Linaker lives in Sunnymead Ranch.  (1/21)

Andrea (Llewellyn) Larson teaches Spanish.  She lives in Santa Barbara with her husband Jeff and two children. (10/07)

Brian Lucero is a registered nurse.  He lives with his wife Serena and four children in Adelanto.  (5/12)

Richard Lucero is a registered nurse.  He lives with his wife Kelly and son in Adelanto.  (5/12)

Lisa Magyari lives in Moreno Valley.  She has three children.  (7/12)

Stacia (Madsen) Shumway owns her own merchandising business.  She lives in Utah with her blended family of one husband and seven children.  (11/07)

Cindy (Mah) Perez married Paul Perez, and then worked as an instructional assistant for Temecula Valley Unified School District (1/23)

Nicola (Main) Graham passed away in 2017.  (7/18)

Phuong (Martel) Hunter works as an associate environmental engineer for the City of Moreno Valley.  She lives with her husband Royal and 4 year-old son. (1/10)

Frank Martinelli used to work as a senior tax analyst. (1/21)

Adriana (Martinez) Orloff works as a physician’s assistant. She lives with her husband Feoktist in Redding.  (1/21)

Daniel Mazzanti and his wife Catherline live near Loma Linda.  He teaches computers at Sacred Heart Academy. (7/01)

Wendy (McCamish) Brice lives in Bellingham, WA with her husband Bryan.  (1/22)

Jonna (McClelland) Beenken works as a nurse anesthetist.  She lives in Parkville, MO with her husband.  She has one son.  (3/12)

Shannon McCroskey works as a program manager for an independent living center. (1/23)

Denetta McDonald works as a teacher.  She lives in Las Vegas, NV.  (6/12)

Michelle McGrath lives in Colton.  (7/12)

Teri (Melton) Wilkie lives in Lompoc, CA with her husband Brad and their daughters Natalie and Ellery.  (1/11)

Scott Moore owns his own financial advisor firm. He is married with two daughters.  (1/23)

Kerry (Moyer) Cummins lives in Joshua, TX.  She has six children.  (3/12)

Persephone (Newberry) Caron works as a waitress.  She lives in Michigan with her husband and four children.  (10/07)

Misty (Nichols) Blondet lives in San Diego with her husband and two sons.  (10/07)

Vanessa (Nickell) Gorgano lives in Rancho Cucamonga.  She will soon have two grandchildren.  (4/12)

Edward Nordsiek is the executive chef at the Doubletree Suites in Austin, TX.  (10/07)

Cara (Odell) Kuehner teaches middle school.  She lives in Moreno Valley.  (10/07)

Kari (Osborne) Miller lives in Huntington Beach with her husband and son.  (3/17)

Richard Oliphant passed away sometime around 2016.  (7/18)

Dorianne (Paculan) Rodriguez lives in Moreno Valley with her husband David, and children Devin and Desiree.  She recently retired from a career in banking. (8/07)

Greg Panos produces film and online content, on the side and for a company that trains railroad personnel.  He lives in Riverside with his wife and two daughters.  (5/12)

Fredrick Parks works for Coca-Cola USA in Ontario for money, but is also pursuing his goal of becoming a professional boxer under the fight name of “Power Parks.” He lives in Moreno Valley. (11/97)

Christine Patchen passed away in 1993.

Suzanne “Joey” Patton works as a deputy DA for San Bernardino County.  She lives in Oak Hills with her husband and three children.  (3/12)

Eric Pender passed away in 2015.

Troy Percival works as the head baseball coach at UC Riverside. (8/15)

Paul Perez married Cindy Mah.  (8/12)

Dorothy (Peters) Herrera lives in Woodland Park, CO.  (7/14)

Michelle (Peters) Spann passed away. (11/21)

Cheri (Powell) Borden works as a first-grade teacher.  She is married with three children.  (4/12)

Laurie (Preston) Jimenez was in her final year of veterinary medicine training at UC Davis in 1999, where she lives with her husband Rueben and new son Kyle. (1/99)

Kathy Radley-Timberlake works as controller of Teichert Construction.  She lives in Fair Oaks with her husband Steve and two of her three sons. (12/21)

Robert Ramirez no longer works for the Texas Department of Parks and Wildlife.  (7/18)

Gay Ramsey is working on her doctorate in speech communication at Southern Illinois University. (6/01)

Jennifer (Rayburn) Hunt works as a senior finance manager for an auto auction in Riverside.  (5/20)

Kelly (Reed) Day is a regional director of sales at Willis Towers Watson. (1/23)

Greg Reese works as a registered nurse in Bremerton, WA.  He and his wife Elizabeth live in Belfair, WA.  (1/07)

Kelly (Riddle) Beckett works as a massage therapist.  She lives in Bremerton, WA with her husband Tony and their nephew.  (1/14)

Rhonda (Riesing) Dixon works in law enforcement for San Bernardino County.  She lives in Menifee with her husband.  She has four children.  (3/12)

Kathryn (Jarvis) Rock-Polich works as a counselor.  She lives in Surprise, AZ.  (3/17)

Pablo Rodriguez works as a chiropractor.  He lives with his wife Cindy (Kranzler, class of ’88) and three children in Irvine.  (10/07)

Tammy (Ross) Phipps lives in Moreno Valley.  She has two grandchildren.  (4/12)

Kimu (Rounds) Wadsworth lives in La Habra Heights with her husband (Ralph), two children (Tanner and Tatum), and two dogs (Watson and Lily).  (7/13)

Nicki (Ruppert) Nootenboom lives in Big Bear with her husband.  She has three children.  (4/12)

Felix Santos is a Marine.  He is married to Kimberly (Catacutan, class of ’88) and has two daughters.  (10/07)

Derek Schaper works as a division manager for LDI Mechanical, Inc.  He lives with his wife in Corona.  They have three children.  (3/12)

Gregg Shay owns Cinefex magazine.  He lives with his wife and son in Carlsbad.  (1/17)

Laura (Shouse) Madden lives in Florida. She works in real estate and property management. (2/23)

Jon Siepmann, who’s an Army major, works for the Military Department of the State of California, writing and executing emergency response plans for natural and manmade disasters.  He lives in El Dorado Hills, CA with his wife Stella and their two children. (1/02)

Christopher Simon lives in Menifee, CA.  (4/12)

Shenitha Smith works as an administrative assistant.  She has two children and lives in Gardena.  (3/12)

Tiffany (Smith) Adams lives in Gainesville, FL.  (10/07)

Marisa (Soliz) Brough is principal at Sunnymead Elementary.  She and her husband Bob live in Woodcrest and have two children: Nico and Isabella. (10/13)

Sedrick Spencer lives in Los Angeles. He works as a lobbyist and is also pursuing other ventures in New Orleans and Nashville. (1/22)

Rick Stanton lives in Mission Viejo.  (4/12)

Craig Strovers (Wing) owns a flooring company.  He lives with his wife Donna in Bentonville, AR.  They have two sons in their twenties.  (5/11)

Suzanne Sturdivan lives in Rio Rancho, NM.  She has three children. (3/12)

Stephanie (Suazo) Lopez lives in Sahuarita, AZ with her husband Christopher. (1/22)

Tamra (Sullivan) Dansie worked as a custodian and lives in the high desert near Pinon Hills. (1/23)

Cynthia Taylor passed away in May 2015. (8/15)

Noah Taylor works as an IT manager and used to play for the Pensacola Lightning.  He lives in Navarre Beach, FL.  (1/22)

Samantha (Terberg) Nichols lives in Corona.  (10/18)

Michael Teyechea works for a law firm in San Diego.  (6/09)

Jennifer (Tompkins) Smith works as an executive secretary.  She lives with her husband Ron in Murfreesboro, TN.  (10/07)

Lisa (Tran) Arguelles works in real estate.  She lives in Sarasota, FL with her husband and twin sons.  (3/12)

Donna (Tresville) Forehand works in the dental field.  She lives in Dublin, CA with her two sons.  (4/12)

Maria (Urias) Long graduated from USC.  (7/08)

Misty Van Atta works as a patent paralegal.  She lives in Dublin, CA.  (3/17)

Laura Ventimiglia (Berry) works as a teacher.  She is married with two children.  (8/12)

Alesia (Valdez) Amodio works as a real estate agent in the Inland Empire. (1/22)

Misty Van Atta works as a patent paralegal.  She lives in Dublin, CA.  (3/17)

Laura Ventimiglia (Berry) works as a teacher.  She is married with two children.  (8/12)

Dennison (Wahlin) Bradley sells real estate.  She lives in Apple Valley and has four children.  (1/22)

Anselina (Walden) Loiselle does closed captioning for news broadcasts and is certified as a court stenographer.  She and her husband Jim live in Murrieta.  They have three children.  (3/12)

Vikki Walke works as a bartender in Riverside. (10/97)

Lisa (Washington) Butler is married and has two grandchildren.  (3/12)

Tracy (Weiser) Carter lives with her husband Paul in Visalia with their three children: Kevin, Karissa, and Kelsie (10/10).

Ron West teaches high school in Rialto.  He is married to Kris (Andren), his high school sweetheart.  They live in Redlands, raising their three children: Paige, Clay, and Cole. (8/6)

Lisa Wilhoit lives in Indiana with her husband and children.  (10/05)

Craig Winchester used to work as an attorney for Ernst & Young in Moreno Valley. (1/21)

Adrian Woods lives in Everett, WA.  (10/07)

Maysee (Yang) Jacobs works at the US Dept of Health and Human Services, White House Initiative on Asian Americans, Native Hawaiians, and Pacific Islanders. She lives in New Jersey. (1/23)

Joanne (Yeutter) Lankford works as a caregiver for the elderly.  She and her husband Scott live in Fort Collins, CO.  (8/12)

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