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Faculty/Staff News

General Remarks

  • Faculty and staff are listed alphabetically by last name at time of graduation. The month when the item was last updated appears in parentheses, as do maiden names.
  • These listings include not only those faculty who taught during our final year, but also selected faculty who may have taught us during the years 1983-1987 before moving on.
  • I do try to check the veracity of everything posted here, but everyone makes mistakes. If you note a mistake here, don’t get mad: just and I’ll try to correct the problem.
  • Has something exciting, interesting, or embarrassing happend to you recently? To send in news about yourself,
  • Watch this space for more news about the faculty and staff!

Faculty/Staff News

Debbie Abry teaches at Moreno Valley High.  (3/15)

Linda Allenbaugh passed away.  (6/17)

Jim Broncatello retired as principal of Banning High School in 2007. (3/15)

Allen Burch retired from teaching English at Moreno Valley in 2004.  (3/15)

Ray Burns retired from education in 2013 and is now president of Volkanik Ice.  (3/15)

Chon Calderilla no longer  teaches special education at MVHS.  (3/15)

Tony Cochran retired from teaching industrial technology at MVHS sometime after 2004.  (9/16)

Berniece Cunningham passed away in 1990. (7/09)

Coach John Dahl passed away in 2019.  (10/19)

Bertha Davis has retired.  (2/01)

Mike Cree is retired and lives just down the street from Bill and Sue Phillips. (10/97)

Karen Daniel passed away. (12/02)

Douglas DeWitt received his doctorate and now teaches college in Salisbury, MD. (7/18)

John Ewens is retired but occasionally substitute teaches; Mrs. Ewens passed away in 1996.  (7/01)

Dennis Fast retired from the business education department at Valley View in 2007.  (3/15)

Betsy Fix retired from teaching mathematics in 2007.  (3/15)

Jimmy Ford no longer teaches work experience at MVHS.  (7/09)

Teresa Ford retired from teaching mathematics around 2013.  (3/15)

Agnes Gaertner has retired.  She lives in Temecula. (7/18)

Margaret Gallagher passed away in 2005 at the age of 90. (10/19)

LoRee Gastineau retired from teaching English at MVHS in 2009. (3/15)

Royce Goodwin retired sometime after 2012. (3/15)

Faye Gross retired in 2000. (2/01)

Dennis Guler is now the psychologist at Valley View.  (6/04)

Tammy Guzzetta is now principal at the Moreno Valley Online Academy. (3/15)

Judy Horrigan retired from teaching social studies at MVHS in 2009. (3/15)

John Intfen teaches social science at March Mountain.  (6/04)

Roger Kahns teaches science at Canyon Springs.  (6/04)

Josian Karlson teaches foreign language at Valley View.  (6/04)

Roger Kielty still lives in Moreno Valley.  (7/09)

Robert Langley is co-chair of the science department at Valley View. (6/04)

Karen Lesser teaches art at Valley View.  (6/04)

Eric Lindner teaches social science at MVHS.  (7/09)

Tom Logan has retired. (6/04)

Jan Lukens has retired from Midland Elementary School. (3/08)

Mike Lukens will retire from teaching social science at Canyon Springs in June 2008. (3/08)

Jim MacMillan teaches mathematics at Canyon Springs. (6/04)

Julie (Masters) Sullivan teaches at Woodcrest Christian School. (6/02)

Donald Miller teachers performing arts at Canyon Springs.  (7/04)

David Olson works in the guidance department at MVHS. (6/04)

John Orr is the chair of the science department at MVHS. (7/09)

William Payne is the director of the digital high school technology program at Valley View. (6/04)

Ellen Pepin still teaches consumer science at MVHS.  (7/09)

Bill Phillips has retired. (7/09)

Sue Phillips has retired. (7/09)

Ron Raymond teaches mathematics and is director of ASB at Valley View.  (6/04)

Angela Rueb still teaches business at MVHS.  (6/04)

David Salvaggio still teaches English at Moreno Valley.  (6/04)

Kathleen (Schumick) Treadwell has retired.  She lives in Riverside. (1/23)

Peggy Singh teaches science and physical education at MVHS.  (6/04)

Bennie Stafford passed away. (8/22)

Jim Stepp is retired. (10/97)

Sergeant Joe Therrien passed away. (3/98)

Maynard Thomas retired from teaching industrial technology at Valley View sometime after 2004.  (9/16)

April Wilson retired from the English department at Valley View sometime after 2008. (7/18)

G. David Williams has retired but occasionally substitute teaches.  (6/04)

Marylin (Wintter) Williams has retired.  She lives in northern California. (1/23)

Mark Younglove no longer teaches science at MVHS.  (7/09)

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