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We Need to Do Better With Pedestrian TTC

It’s time to up our game another notch as we improve pedestrian facilities.  Great progress has been made in Delaware to advance accessibility along pedestrian pathways.  Yes, the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA, 1990) will turn thirty-four this summer and across...

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What Do EPDs Look Like?

In June, we shared an Asphalt Magazine introduction to Environmental Product Declarations (EPDs).  They have been called a nutrition label for construction materials by some and simplistically, the statements seek to capture cradle to grave assessments of...

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We Continue to Wonder…How Long Can A Chip Seal Last?

Well, with a little help, longer than we thought.  We took another look back at a road that was chip sealed eleven years ago and it still looks great! Okay, let’s come clean a little.  First, it was a double shot of chip seal and second, it was assisted with a...

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