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Towards More Durable Concrete

Too often lately, we don’t finish concrete as well as we used to.  Why is that?  Does the surface shown below look a little too familiar?  When our concrete flatwork develops scaling, mortar flaking, and pop-outs early in its life, the easy retort is that deicing...

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2023 Build a Better Mousetrap Competition is Underway!

Calling all innovators!  You are never afraid to cut something down, weld something up, repurpose the thing, or find a whole new way to use a tool to achieve cheaper, faster, easier, and safer results.  Maybe it starts out as a harebrained scheme, but it ends up...

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Delaware Avenue Gets More Lanes…Bike Lanes

  Much of Delaware Avenue in Newark is now six travel lanes.  Two vehicle lanes and a sidewalk on either side have now been joined by two bike lanes.  The Delaware Avenue Separated Bikeway opened the second week of November, providing a dedicated pair of bicycle...

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