Calling all innovators!  You are never afraid to cut something down, weld something up, repurpose the thing, or find a whole new way to use a tool to achieve cheaper, faster, easier, and safer results.  Maybe it starts out as a harebrained scheme, but it ends up brilliant, your supervisor gives you a big compliment, and the town has a parade in your honor.  We’ve seen it a hundred times.

You live and breathe the search for a better mousetrap and your ideas need to be seen by others.  So, we’re hunting innovations and we know you have them.  Now, let’s see them!

The idea doesn’t have to move mountains; it just needs to move the needle a bit.  If safer, faster, cheaper, or better-quality infrastructure resulted for the traveling public, we want your innovation shared with colleagues across the country.

If you wonder what these contributions look like, take a two-minute tour through some past Delaware entries.  You can have a closer look at some of them as well.  For example, take a look at a simple manifold that made salt removal from a V-box easier and more effective.  Newark saved a sweeper from the trash heap and turned it into two new fleet assets.  See how a cone deployment trailer can protect work zone setter-outers and make the process more efficient.  Look at how DRBA bolted a camera on a truck-mounted attenuator that was already going to be out on the scene and gained a remote, birds-eye view of the situation.  And while DelDOT didn’t invent the tow plow, they know a good tool when they see one and figured out how to smartly integrate it into their winter maintenance effort.

Oh, did we mention that the winner of the Delaware competition will receive a $100 Visa gift card and a prestigious trophy?  So, yes, it’s about more than just bragging rights.  And our winners go on to compete in the national competition.  The winners in that round (and yes, Delaware took top prize in 2018 with DelDOT’s “Third Eye”) will be announced this summer at the annual NLTAPA conference.

It’s time to have a look around your shop and maintenance yard with a fresh set of eyes, pick out your best moves, take some pictures and/or video, and then head over to our Build a Better Mousetrap webpage for the instructions on how to enter (pretty easy).  What do you have to lose?  Fame and fortune are right at your fingertips.

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