Group News

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02/2022 We have received a pilot grant from the NIH COBRE Delaware Center for Musculoskeletal Research to create biomimetic nanoparticles that target mesenchymal stem cells.
09/2020 The Day Lab has received NIH funding to develop nanoparticles for applications in maternal-fetal health! This work is in collaboration with the Gleghorn Lab at UD.
1/2020 We have received a QED Grant from the University City Science Center to advance the development of membrane-wrapped nanoparticles for targeted cargo delivery to blood stem cells. Learn more at the link!
09/2019 Together with Dr. Joel Rosenthal’s lab, we have received a Delaware Bioscience Center for Advanced Technology grant to develop tandem photo therapeutics for the treatment of cancer.
6/2019 The Day Lab has received a new NIH R01 to develop multifunctional siRNA/antibody nanocarriers to combat triple-negative breast cancer!
5/2018 Dr. Day has received an NSF CAREER Award! Read about it here!
2/2017 We are ecstatic to share news that we recently won a University of Delaware Research Foundation Strategic Initiatives grant! In this project we will collaborate with Dr. Joel Rosenthal to develop nanoparticle-photosensitizer conjugates for multimodal cancer treatment! Read about the award here!
1/2017 Dr. Day and Dr. E. Terry Papoutsakis have received a Delaware Bioscience Center for Advanced Technology (Bioscience CAT) Entrepreneurial Proof-of-Concept (EPOC) grant as co-PIs! Through this work we will develop a new hybrid bio-nanotechnology to target stem cells for drug delivery.
8/2016 The Day Lab has received a 5-year R35 grant from the National Institutes of Health National Institute of General Medical Sciences! We are extremely thankful for this support! You can read a story about this award here!
 4/2016 UDaily published an article highlighting our work recently funded by the American Cancer Society through the American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant program at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center. Check it out!
9/2015 The Day Lab has received a pilot grant from the American Cancer Society through the American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grant program at the Sidney Kimmel Cancer Center.  This grant will enable us to develop new nanoparticle treatments for metastatic breast cancer. We thank the American Cancer Society for their support!
7/2015 The Day Lab is part of a team of UD researchers awarded a grant from the W.M. Keck Foundation. This grant will enable the team to develop upconversion nanostructures for applications in solar energy harvesting and medicine. Learn more about the award in this article on UDaily or here on the W.M. Keck Foundation Website.
8/2014 The Day Lab received a 2014 University of Delaware Research Foundation (UDRF) Award. Read about this year’s award winners here.

Student Awards & Honors

2022 Eric Sterin and Elise Hoover received Graduate Student Travel Awards, and George Kramarenko won a NSF-NRT MIDAS Fellowship! Congratulations!
2021 Jenna Harris received a Graduate Student Travel award and a University Dissertation Fellowship, and Megan Dang received a renewal of her University Graduate Scholars Award! Additionally, George Kramarenko received a Gore Graduate Fellowship and Sara Aboeleneen was a finalist for the George W. Laird Merit Fellowship. Congrats to all!
7/2020 Megan Dang and N’Dea Irvin-Choy have received University Graduate Scholars Awards!
4/2020 Dr. Danielle Valcourt has received the Biomedical Engineering Best Doctoral Thesis Award! Well deserved, Danielle!
6/2019 Megan Dang has been named an NIH T32 Training Fellow in the Chemistry-Biology Interface Program!
5/2019 Mackenzie Scully won the Outstanding Graduate Student Service Award from the Biomedical Engineering Department! Thank you for your efforts to make our program great, Mackenzie!
5/2019 Jenna Harris won the Outstanding Graduate Student Service Award from the Department of Materials Science & Engineering!
4/2019 N’Dea Irvin-Choy has received a University Graduate Scholar Award!
8/2018 Congratulations to Dr. Jilian Melamed on completing her Ph.D.! Next stop for Dr. Melamed is a postdoctoral fellowship with Kathryn Whitehead at Carnegie Mellon!
6/2018 Dr. Rachel Riley becomes the first Ph.D. student to graduate from the Day Lab! Additionally, Rachel received the Best Doctoral Thesis Award from the Department of Biomedical Engineering. We will miss Rachel as she moves on to a postdoctoral fellowship with Michael Mitchell at UPenn!
4/2017 Rachel Riley has been named an American Association of University Women (AAUW) American Dissertation Fellow! Congratulations, Rachel, on receiving this prestigious award!
4/2016 Danielle Valcourt has been selected as the 2016 George W. Laid Merit Fellow! Read more about this prestigious fellowship here, and see the article written about Danielle’s story here. Congratulations to Danielle on this huge honor!
3/2016 Rachel (Edelstein) Riley has been selected as a University Graduate Fellow award recipient! Congratulations to Rachel on this accomplishment!
4/2015 Jilian Melamed has been selected to receive a 2015 National Defense Science and Engineering Graduate (NDSEG) Fellowship! Congratulations to Jilian! Read about it here.

Dr. Day’s Awards & Honors

2022 Dr. Day named Fellow of the American Institute for Medical and Biological Engineering! Read the UDaily article here and the AIMBE press release here.
2020 Dr. Day received the Michael Bowman Biomedical Engineering Innovation Award!
2020 Dr. Day was named an Emerging Investigator by the Journal of Materials Chemistry B
2019 Dr. Day has been selected to participate in the 2019 National Academy of Engineering US Frontiers of Engineering Symposium, taking place in September 2019.
2018 Dr. Day has been named the Rita Schaffer Young Investigator by the Biomedical Engineering Society and the Mangone Young Scholar by the Francis Alison Society! Read about the awards in this article!
2018 Dr. Day has been named a 2018 Young Innovator in Cellular and Molecular Bioengineering by the CMBE Journal! Learn more here.
2018 Dr. Day has received a 2018 Young Innovator Award in Nanobiotechnology from Nano Research journal! View the full list of recipients at this link.
2014 Day Lab research was highlighted by Delaware in the article “13 innovative technologies being developed in Delaware.” Read the article here!

Publications & Other Highlights

7/2020 We are fully moved in to our brand new lab at the Ammon Pinizzotto Biopharmaceutical Innovation Center. It’s a beautiful facility!
3/2019 Check out this article and video describing the results of our collaboration with Dr. Joel Rosenthal, in which we are developing light-activated therapies to treat breast cancer!
6/2018 This UDaily article describes our new paper in Nano Letters, in which we developed nanoparticles for light-triggered RNA release to enable on-demand gene regulation!
5/2017 Undergraduate student Margaret Billingsley has published a first-author paper in PLOS ONE! The work was featured by an article in UDaily!
5/2017 Rachel Riley has published a research paper in Small that describes using antibody-nanoparticle conjugates to suppress cancer cell signaling! Read the full article here or view a UDaily article about the work!
3/2017 The book edited by Dr. Day and Dr. Sarah Hurst Petrosko, titled Biomedical Nanotechnology: Methods and Protocols, is now published online.
10/2015 Brittany Fay and Jilian Melamed’s paper “Nanoshell-mediated photothermal therapy can enhance chemotherapy in inflammatory breast cancer cells” has been accepted for publication in the International Journal of Nanomedicine! Congrats Brittany and Jilian!
1/2015 Our publication in ACS Nano is now available online!
11/2014 The Review has published an article profiling Dr. Day.
11/2014 Rachel Edelstein, a 2nd year PhD student in the Day lab, talks about what motivated her to get involved in biomedical research in this video by LabTV!
10/2014 Yianni Gagianas, a junior biomedical engineering student who works in the Day Group, was featured in a video by LabTV. Check it out!
4/2014 We are completely moved in to our new lab at Delaware Technology Park!
1/2014 Rachel Edelstein and Jilian Melamed become the first members of the Day Lab!