Current Members

Postdoctoral Fellows

Dr. Subhrajit Rout

Ph.D: Indian Institute of Science Education and Research, Bhopal, India
Postdoc: Rice University, Houston, Texas, USA
Year Joined: 2020
Dr. Humair Omer
Ph.D.: University of Pittsburgh, 2020
Year Joined: 2020

Graduate Students

Raphael Kim
B.S.: University of California, Irvine
Year Joined: 2017
Katerina Korch
M.S.: California Institute of Technology
Year Joined: 2016
Olamide Idowu
B.S.:University of Lagos, Nigeria.
Year Joined: 2018
Allyssa Conner
B.S.:Lafayette College
Year Joined: 2018
Jacob Hayes
B.S.: College of Charleston
Year Joined: 2019
Dan Rojas
B.S.: SUNY Cortland
Year Joined: 2019
Mariah Murray
B.S.: West Virginia University
Year Joined: 2020
Ellie Meck
B.A.: University of San Diego
Year Joined: 2020
Elijah Learn
B.S.: College of Wooster
Year Joined: 2020

Undergraduate Students

                                                  Jackson Burns
Class of 2022
Olivia Duke
Class of 2022

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