Fall 2018 CT Dossier Workshop

Fall 2018 CT Dossier Workshop

This workshop is designed with four stations. Please feel free to travel among the stations. We hope to create a collaborative environment where you can ask questions and offer advice to others as well.

Each station leader has planned a few tips to share. There will be at least one CT Dossier to see at each station. Other than that, please plan to ask questions.

Station 1: Creating an Organized and Readable Dossier


   Agnes Ly, Associate Professor, Psychological and Brain Sciences (aly@udel.edu). Please contact Agnes if you want to see her dossier.

Station 2: Documenting Service Activities and their Impact


   Sue Barton, Professor, Plant and Soil Sciences (sbarton@udel.edu)

   Erin Brannick, Associate Professor, Animal and Food Sciences (brannick@udel.edu)

Station 3: Documenting Your Teaching Effectiveness


   Hannah Kim, Associate Professor, History (hkim@udel.edu)

   Kevin Guidry, CTAL (krguidry@udel.edu)

Station 4: Fun with UDAcademe


   Sunaina Soares, Academic HR Manager (UDAcademe Administrator) (ssoares@udel.edu)

   Josh Enszer, Associate Professor, Chemical Engineering (enszer@udel.edu)

   UDAcademe questions: udacademe@udel.edu


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