Various Aspects about Australian Refugee and Humanitarian Visa

In the present day, one of the most important and biggest issues faced by immigration officials in Australia is dealing with Australian refugees. Australia is a place that contains the biggest amount of refugee population compared to the other places in the world. We need to know a few aspects about the refugee conditions and humanitarian visas for immigrants.

Australian Refugees

 There are certain benefits for the refugees in Australia. Still, there are many problems at the same time due to which the immigration rules have been tightened and upgraded in Australia. Under the present immigration law, if any asylum seekers in Australia enter the country without proper documentation, they will be instantly apprehended by the immigration authorities and sent to detention centers as their request is being processed. 

In most cases, the refugees leave their country without much preparation; hence they are bound to be sent to these detention camps in Australia. The processing of asylum claims is slow and complicated; therefore, the refugees need to stay in the detention camps for a very long time, making their lives hard. The time might take a few months or even a few years, making the situation much worse for the refugees. Like it is already mentioned before that the refugee crowd in Australia has become much more. Hence, the detention centers are overcrowded, and today, there has been a shortage of detention centers compared to the incoming refugees. 

Humanitarian Visa

humanitarian visa is the most important thing for a refugee to settle in any other country. In Australia, DIAC is the agency that is responsible for issuing and screening visas for all immigrants. There are a few segments upon which the distribution and issuing of the visa are dependent. There are a set of rules and regulations for you to be granted a visa in Australia. Several types of visas will allow you to stay in Australia; among this category, we have students, family visitors, and workers visas. Studies have revealed that almost 14000 humanitarian visas are issued every year for the refugees and shelter seekers in Australia. You need to apply for a humanitarian visa. Still, it is very important to fill your form properly as the lawyers will decide the approval based on the information given in the form. Make sure that your form is a stand-out compared to other applicants. 

Tang Law

Tang Law is a law firm that is situated in Perth, Australia. We undertake legal cases, and also, we mainly focus on professionalism, integrity, and reliability that has earned us a great number of clients. We also provide one of the best migration assistance for all the Australian people living in Afghanistan. In the present day, we all know that the situation in Afghanistan is at its worst hence we look forward to focusing on the humanitarian visa; we strongly believe that the people should lead a better life without any problems in Australia. In the present day, due to the worsened situation in Afghanistan, the urgency for humanitarian visas has increased by many folds. We try our best to make the process and proceedings easy and efficient. Our migration team of lawyers is of the best in the world, and they do their best to provide all the assistance to the Australian refugees. 




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