The “To-Die-For” SEO Checklist: 10 Best Practices for Dental 2021

Today’s digital marketing trends will make a huge impact in the dental industry. Remain competitive, and expand your brand reach with these best dental marketing practices. 

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Today, the world of marketing is moving too fast, particularly in the digital scene. There is a change of algorithms, and new platforms have emerged. 

This created an impact on the dental industry, as well. Dental offices were at the prominence, adjusting and innovating new ways of accomplishing things while reassuring patients visits are safe. As a whole, it helped the dental industry. Numerous safety frameworks were set in place as part of the standard safety and disinfection protocols. These realities were unexpectedly the prime focus of marketing. 

As we move forward this year, finding the right balance in dental marketing practice is vital. In case you haven’t adapted yet the power of communication and telehealth via digital mediums, now is the time to do so. Here are 10 best strategies for your dental marketing this 2021. 

Optimize Website for Engagement 

Website design is more than just a beauty contest. Focusing solely on aesthetics does not keep up with the key trend. Majority of users don’t want to go through long blocks of text. Their attention span has become shorter that the moment they can’t find what they’re looking for on your website, then it’s goodbye. 

This time, it’s all about optimization for effective patient conversion. Attracting potential patients through a digital campaign that leads to a real-world and positive experience like a dental checkup. So, it’s ideal to consider updating your website with updated and new content this year. 

If you’re located in Canada, there are specialists that optimize web design for dentist in Hamilton. They’ll do the job on your behalf in case website engagement optimization seems challenging for you. 

Have Engaging Short Videos 

Incorporating videos is a great tool to include into your digital marketing journey. You can easily share videos and post them on certain social media platforms and on your website. You have the option to distribute them to your other digital channels, too.

Take note that your video must be engaging and personal. Don’t just showcase  your services, make content that shows your personality as well. You can interview a staff member or perhaps do a Facebook Live Q&A event, especially when talking about dentists handling emergency dental cases in Sarnia. You can also have a “tour of your office” as a video content. 

These video types can make your current and new potential patients feel included. It also gives patients a feel of what it’s like to be your patients. 

Get More Positive Reviews Online  

Having positive online reviews isn’t something new, but it definitely has a huge business impact. Reviews will increasingly become vital this 2021, since more people use reviews as a basis to make decisions, especially when it’s about medical decisions. 

According to Local SEO Search Inc., 91% of people read reviews online, and around 85% trust reviews online. Also, Google weights search results based on feedback ratings, making it either an advantage or disadvantage for your SEO. Having at least 4.5 star review rating is ideal. You’ll have a high chance of ranking above a competitor. 

Image by Gerd Altmann from Pixabay

Expand Your Influence Reach 

Time to improve your expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness, (ETA). This may be a new concept that links between you to your online presence. Google is doing its best to “humanize” the aspect of the internet. This began when the search algorithm of Google started penalizing websites with low authority in the health and wellness niche. And, it cost businesses a great deal of money. 

The solution? Build your website authority, and make your business trustworthy. 

Automate Your Email Marketing 

We’ve been making emails for decades, but what hasn’t been completely adapted yet is the email automation. What’s great about it? It allows you to automate newsletters monthly, and send action-triggered email campaigns to your list of patients. You can even automate surveys for new patients that are sent after their first appointment. Perhaps for patients who went through precision partial denture attachment procedure. 

In this time of the pandemic, supplying a great amount of email campaigns to your patients is great to ensure they are communicating with you, and they are up to date. While you have to be a bit innovative with your email, it’s still one of the most effective marketing techniques in the dental clinic settings. Also, it offers great investment returns. 

More and more businesses are moving to an all-package marketing solution. Only one point of contact and you’ll get to manage your entire presence online. As a matter of fact, it is a useful tool to stay on top of the competition this 2021. 

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