Estimated length of enrollment

How long do I have to study English before I can begin my regular university courses?

We understand that many CAP Applicants and CAP Students are anxious to begin studying in their full-time university program as fast as possible.

Remember, learning a language takes time, and some students will need more time than others before they will be ready for success at the university level.

The amount of time you will spend studying English depends on several things:

  • The levels you achieved on your English placement exam when you arrived at the ELI (more advanced students will require less time in the ELI);
  • Your willingness to work hard to improve your English skills;
  • Your efforts to practice your English all the time by making friends of other language groups and by reading English books often in your spare time;
  • Your willingness to work closely with your teachers and tutors to be successful.

Timeline to complete your English program

Student level Time to complete program
Level I (Absolute Beginner) 12-16 months
Level II (High Beginner) 10-14 months
Level III (Intermediate) 8-10 months
Level IV (High Intermediate) 6-8 months
Level V (Advanced) 4-6 months
Level VI (High Advanced) 2-4 months

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