CAP Overview

No TOEFL? No problem!

Do not let your low TOEFL score stop you from applying to a university in the USA!

If you are an excellent student, but you do not have a TOEFL score (or if your TOEFL score is low), you can still be accepted to several universities through the ELI’s Conditional Admissions Program (CAP)!

Through CAP, the University of Delaware (and several partner universities) offers admission to qualified international students with a condition: they must first improve their English language skills by attending the ELI. Once CAP students meet the English language objectives required by their university programs, they begin their regular university coursework—and no TOEFL exam is required!*

Conditional admission is available at the undergraduate and graduate levels. To find out more, click on the item below that corresponds to your university level of interest:

*No TOEFL exam is required at the undergraduate level. At the graduate level, a TOEFL exam may be required by the college or department to which the student applies.

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