CAP Advisors

As a CAP Applicant or a CAP Student, your success is very important to us! The ELI has several advisors who are happy to help you if you have any questions.

Karen Asenavage, Associate Director, Director of Academic Programs

Karen oversees Academic Programs at the ELI. She helps students by providing:

  • Academic advising for students who are planning their ELI studies or who need to improve their performance in ELI courses;
  • Help with choosing ELI courses;
  • Information about how to meet the requirements of the Conditional Admissions Program.

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Jeanine Feltner, CAP Coordinator

Jeanine provides support for the operations and the admissions process for CAP. She helps students by providing:

  • Information about how to become a CAP student;
  • Answers to general questions about CAP;
  • Information about universities and degree programs that participate in CAP;
  • Assistance with the graduation and matriculation processes for CAP students;

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Blythe Milbury-Steen, CAP Academic Advisor

Blythe Milbury-Steen

Blythe is an advisor to CAP students. She helps students by providing:

  • Academic advising to CAP students;
  • Orientation to new students

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