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The Self-Access Learning Center, or the “SALC” for short, offers many different resources for all students at the University of Delaware English Language Institute. Below are just some of the things offered that can help you to practice and improve your English skills.

Writing Roundtable *NEW* 

You can meet with tutors who specialize in assisting students with their writing, Monday through Thursday, 1:00 – 5:00 PM in the SALC. There will be a designated table just for these tutors, and you don’t need to schedule or make an appointment! Just stop by the table, and ask one of them for help. This could be help with a paper for class, or specific writing issues you want to practice.

Book Club

Do you want to practice your reading skills? Or, maybe you just enjoy reading! The Book Club is a great way to read new books – in English, of course! You can sign up online, or on the SALC door. After you sign up, meeting times will be assigned. Students who participate throughout the session will receive prizes at the end, and recognition at graduation!

The Reading Challenge

Ask for the Reading Challenge form at the SALC desk every time you read a new book – then, when you finish the book, you’ll answer a few short questions on the form and then return it to the SALC. The student who reads the MOST books in a session wins a gift card to Starbucks! (Free coffee?? What better reading motivation than that!)

American and international students enjoying conversation on the Friends couch

Friends Conversation Couch

You can meet with American students on the SALC Friends Conversation Couch to talk, practice your English, and make new friends! This option will be back in September when UD’s fall semester begins. 

Library World

You can search for available books and movies to rent on Library World – the library name is SALC, and there is no password. This will help you to see if what you’re looking for is available, before heading over to the SALC to ask!

SALC Orientation Video

You can watch this video learn more about all that the SALC has to offer, or visit the website here!

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