James M. Jones, Director

James M. Jones, Director

Welcome to the new blog for the Center for the Study of Diversity at the University of Delaware.  The guiding premise for this blog is to promote better understanding of diversity as a compelling interest and a complex dynamic in higher education and in U.S. society.  The posts will discuss and analyze a wide variety of diversity topics from research and scholarly perspectives.  Although opinions will be expressed, it is not meant solely as an opinion site, but as a research exploration of diversity.  We will also offer insights into the role of universities as “anchor institutions” in their local and regional communities—where Community includes the university campus, the cities and towns in which they are located, and the collective individuals and groups with whom they interact, support, and depend.  We will invite guest bloggers from time to time to provide insight and analysis on a variety of topics that are timely and reflect ongoing issues in higher education.  We will post regularly on Fridays on a three to four week schedule. We welcome your feedback and commentary, though we will not necessarily respond publically.

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  1. Is there a list serve where I can get updates on this blog? Also, it would be a nice feature to be able to email and/or print articles from here.

    • Mario,

      There is a link to subscribe by email to updates for this blog. We are in the process of updating and revitalizing the blog. In the meantime, please be sure to check out information at www/udel.edu/csd for the latest on CSD.

      Thank you for your enthusiasm about us.

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