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  • Darian Beahan – An Analysis of the Effects of Early Intervention Practices on the Spoken Language Skills of Minimally Verbal Children with ASD (view presentation)
  • Kathleen Becker – Winging It: Exploring the Effects of Facilitating Applied Improvisation on Levels of Stress and Clinical Self-Efficacy in SLP Clinicians and Students (view presentation)
  • Emily Benoit – The Impact of An Intensive Comprehensive Aphasia Program on Participants’ Perception of Their Own Resilience (view presentation)
  • Carly Blose – Efficacy of Semantic Feature Analysis for Individuals with Chronic Expressive Aphasia: A Critically Appraised Topic (view presentation)
  • Conner Blose – An Evaluation and Comparison of Three Manualized Treatment Programs for Social Communicaton Skills After Traumatic Brain Injury (view presentation)
  • Kacey Bodden – Preliminary Evaluation of theTimeSlips Intervention to Improve the Narrative Discourse Abilities of Older Adults with Dementia (view presentation)
  • Kali Bussey – Efficacy of Narrative Intervention for School-Age Students with High-Functioning Autism
  • Kara Casale – Grammatical Skills in Monolingual Spanish Speakers (view presentation)
  • Nicholas Chiasson – Social-Communicative Attitudes of Men Who Do and Do Not Stutter
  • Veronica DeJesus – Code-Switching in Bilingual Spanish-English Speaking Children (view presentation)
  • Sarah Dombroski – Examining the Linguistic Diversity of the Populations Speech-Language Pathologists Across the Country Serve (view presentation)
  • Mariah Graham – Patient-Provider Communication: Training for Allied Health Professionals on Strategies for Communicating with Patients with Communication Disorders (view presentation)
  • Allison Grubbs – A Critique of Realize Language: A High-Tech AAC Data Logging Service (view presentation)
  • Samantha Hangen – Little Hens in Harmony: Vocabulary Learning Outcomes of a Short-Term Intervention for Preschoolers of Low Socioeconomic Status
  • Sierrah Harris – I Got 99 Problems but a Book Shouldn’t Be One: Increasing Speech-Language Pathologists’ Awareness and Implementation of Culturally Representative Picture Books in Practice (view presentation)
  • Abby Hidalgo – What Skills Do First Responders Need to Communicate Effectively With People With Communication Disorders? A Proposal for Communication Partner Training (view presentation)
  • Julia King – Winging It: Exploring the Effects of Applied Improvisation on Stress Levels in Individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder (view presentation)
  • Sabrina Loomis – Preliminary Evaluation of the TimeSlips Story-Telling Program on Descriptive Discourse Abilities in Older Adults with Dementia (view presentation)
  • Kelly McGarry – The University of Delaware Winging It! Improvisation Workshop: Impact on Conversational Turn-Taking (view presentation)
  • Maria-Emilia Newlands – Production and Accuracy of Grammatical Structures in Spanish-English Bilingual Children (view presentation)
  • Bridget Pettit – Neuroanatomical Breakdown of Acquired Expressive Speech Disorders (view presentation)
  • Deanne Piekarsa – Does Hypnosis Added to Traditional Voice Therapy Improve Clinical Outcomes For Patients Diagnosed With Primary Muscle Tension Dysphonia (MTD-1)? (view presentation)
  • Madison Pruitt – Examining the Role of Physical Activity on Word Learning in School-Aged Children (view presentation)
  • Lisa Rathbun – Fluency Disorders and the Impact of Insurance Benefits (view presentation)
  • Lindsay Reiner – Exploring Associations Between the Patient-Provider Relationship and Adherence to Treatment in Acquired Communication Disorders (view presentation)
  • Lane Williams – Overnight Consolidation of Speech Sounds in Relation to Decoding Skills




  • Jessie Bereda – Vocabulary Intervention for Bilingual Children with Specific Language Impairment: A Review of Existing Literature (view poster)
  • Emily Clouser – Caregiver Stress and Non-Motor Symptoms of Parkinson’s Disease: Recommendations for Speech-Language Pathologists (view poster)
  • Rebecca Connor – Late Talkers: Importance for Identification and Intervention (view poster)
  • Caten Cordes –  Long-term Developmental Effects of Neonatal Abstinence Syndrome and Intervention (view poster)
  • Samantha Costa – We All Deserve to Find Our Voice and Be Heard: The Implications of Vocal Identity for Individuals with Complex Communication Needs (CCNs) (view poster)
  • Marissa Gerhart – Paradoxical Vocal Fold Motion: An Overview (view poster)
  • Cynthia Hagerty – Investigating Communicative Participation in Adults with Aphasia Following 2-week Intensive Summer Program (view poster)
  • Michaela Halcombe – Language Impairment and Juvenile Offenders: Implications for Delaware (view poster)
  • Teresa Jackson – Sickle Cell Disease: Clinical Implications for Speech Language Pathologists (view poster)
  • Dana Katzenberger -The Relationship Between Dysphagia and Quality of Life in Adults with Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis (view poster)
  • Haleigh Knowlton – A Comparison of Spanish Vocabulary in Narrative Retells Collected from Bilingual and Monolingual Spanish-Speaking Students (view poster)
  • Jessica Michnick – Little Hens in Harmony: Efficacy of a Short Music and Hands-on Vocabulary Intervention for Low Socioeconomic Status Preschoolers (view poster)
  • Marissa Montano – Understanding emotional and behavioral challenges in childhood: The role of language skills (view poster)
  • Brett Myles – The Canyon Behind Them
  • Kelsey Newkirk – Literacy Instruction for Students that Use AAC: Current Practice, Comfortability, and Professional Development Needs (view poster)
  • Andrew Parcell – Comparing Intervention Approaches to Lessen the Severity of Stuttering in Preschool Children: A Systematic Review (view poster)
  • Courtney Polistina – The University of Delaware Aphasia Summer Intensive: Impact on Client Quality of Life (view poster)
  • Hannah Radic – Do the Different Subtypes of ADHD Affect Pragmatic Language Differently? (view poster)
  • Claire Reardon – Efficacy of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy on Pediatric TBI (view poster)
  • Kayla Rivoli – Prevalence of and the Settings Associated with Burnout and Compassion Satisfaction Among Speech-Language Pathologists (view poster)
  • Andrey Rublev – Assessing Speech Disorders in Russian-Speaking Children (view poster)
  • Elyse Sutherland – Should Professionals be Looking at the Voices of People with Ehlers-Danlos Syndrome: An Initial Inquiry of Professionals Treating Voice Disorders (view poster)
  • Adriana Aldrich – Importance of Interdisciplinary Practice in Selective Mutism (view poster)
  • Chelsea Alling – Evidence Supports the Use of Video Modeling and Peer Mediated Intervention for Children with Autism (view poster)
  • Samantha Bell – Factors that impact the comprehension of SVO sentences in English-speaking toddlers: A pilot study (view poster)
  • Kristen Black – The Serial Reaction Time Task: A Measure of Sequence Learning or Expectation Violation? (view poster)
  • Barbara Brudnicki – Speech-Language Pathology Case Study: Evaluation and treatment of Adult Female with Bell’s Palsy (view poster)
  • Kevin Cross – The Effects of Group Singing on the vocal Parameters of Adults with Mild-Moderate Stage Parkinson’s Disease (view poster)
  • Kimberly Cummings – A 1-Day Workshop for School-Age Students who Stutter: Feasibility and perceptions of Peer Relationships (view poster)
  • Tara Ellington – How Preschool Children’s Animacy Knowledge Affects their Comprehension of Simple Sentences (view poster)
  • Amanda Graziano – Comparing Intervention Approaches for School Aged Children with ASD (view poster)
  • Karson Kennedy – Identifying Reliable and Efficient Measures of Speech Processing Abilities: A First-Step Towards Future Use with Deaf and Hard-of-hearing Infants (view poster)
  • Alyssa Klawiter – Effects of Professional Development on Teachers Knowledge and Practice of Emergent Literacy Skills (peer reviewed article)
  • Stephanie Lane – The Impacts of Media Exposure on Child Development (view poster)
  • Jeff Loux – A Systematic Review of Naturalistic Development Interventions for Autism (view poster)
  • Shelby McMenamin – Effectiveness of Social Skills Interventions for Children who Use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (view poster)
  • Samantha Mikels – Quality-of-Life Benefits of Group Singing for People with Parkinson’s Disease (view poster)
  • Meghan Mulhern – Mild TBI and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: When Should Individuals Receive Cognitive Rehabilitation? (view poster)
  • Amanda Nichols – Intervention Techniques for Late Talkers to Increase MLS (view poster)
  • Haley Olsen – Obtaining and Maintaining Employment for Adults with Complex Communication Needs Who Use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (view poster)
  • Katherine Ramey – Music as an Aid for Early Language Learning (view poster)
  • Zoe Rosler – Does Communication Partner Training Affect Psychosocial Outcomes for Caregivers of Persons with Aphasia? A Critically Appraised Topic (view poster)
  • Alexis Ryan – Is Lexical Retrieval Therapy an Effective Therapy Approach for Adults with Primary Progressive Aphasia? (view poster)
  • Meghan Santulli – The Efficacy of a One-Day Workshop for Improving Psychosocial Traits of Children Who Stutter
  • Samantha Shelton – Comparing the Fidelity of Spanish Two-Way Immersion Programs in De to their Model (view poster)
  • Brett Synder – Social Skill Interventions for Children with High Functioning Autism: A Comparison of Treatment Philosophies and their Outcomes (view poster)
  • Adela Ulitsky – Evaluating Language Environment Analysis (LENA™) System Performance for Russian: A Validation Study (view poster)
  • Danielle Welk – The Effects of Sensory Integration for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (view poster)

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