Adriana Aldrich – Importance of Interdisciplinary Practice in Selective Mutism (view poster)

Chelsea Alling – Evidence Supports the Use of Video Modeling and Peer Mediated Intervention for Children with Autism (view poster)

Samantha Bell – Factors that impact the comprehension of SVO sentences in English-speaking toddlers: A pilot study (view poster)

Kristen Black – The Serial Reaction Time Task: A Measure of Sequence Learning or Expectation Violation? (view poster)

Barbara Brudnicki – Speech-Language Pathology Case Study: Evaluation and treatment of Adult Female with Bell’s Palsy (view poster)

Kevin Cross – The Effects of Group Singing on the vocal Parameters of Adults with Mild-Moderate Stage Parkinson’s Disease (view poster)

Kimberly Cummings – A 1-Day Workshop for School-Age Students who Stutter: Feasibility and perceptions of Peer Relationships (view poster)

Tara Ellington – How Preschool Children’s Animacy Knowledge Affects their Comprehension of Simple Sentences (view poster)

Amanda Graziano – Comparing Intervention Approaches for School Aged Children with ASD (view poster)

Karson Kennedy – Identifying Reliable and Efficient Measures of Speech Processing Abilities: A First-Step Towards Future Use with Deaf and Hard-of-hearing Infants (view poster)

Alyssa Klawiter – Effects of Professional Development on Teachers Knowledge and Practice of Emergent Literacy Skills 

Stephanie Lane – The Impacts of Media Exposure on Child Development (view poster)

Jeff Loux – A Systematic Review of Naturalistic Development Interventions for Autism (view poster)

Shelby McMenamin – Effectiveness of Social Skills Interventions for Children who Use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (view poster)

Samantha Mikels – Quality-of-Life Benefits of Group Singing for People with Parkinson’s Disease (view poster)

Meghan Mulhern – Mild TBI and Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder: When Should Individuals Receive Cognitive Rehabilitation? (view poster)

Amanda Nichols – Intervention Techniques for Late Talkers to Increase MLS (view poster)

Haley Olsen – Obtaining and Maintaining Employment for Adults with Complex Communication Needs Who Use Augmentative and Alternative Communication (view poster)

Katherine Ramey – Music as an Aid for Early Language Learning (view poster)

Zoe Rosler – Does Communication Partner Training Affect Psychosocial Outcomes for Caregivers of Persons with Aphasia? A Critically Appraised Topic (view poster)

Alexis Ryan – Is Lexical Retrieval Therapy an Effective Therapy Approach for Adults with Primary Progressive Aphasia? (view poster)

Meghan Santulli – The Efficacy of a One-Day Workshop for Improving Psychosocial Traits of Children Who Stutter

Samantha Shelton – Comparing the Fidelity of Spanish Two-Way Immersion Programs in De to their Model (view poster)

Brett Synder – Social Skill Interventions for Children with High FUNctioning Autism: A Comparison of Treatment Philosophies and their Outcomes (view poster)

Adela Ulitsky – Evaluating Language Environment Analysis (LENA™) System Performance for Russian: A Validation Study (view poster)

Danielle Welk – The Effects of Sensory Integration for Children with Autism Spectrum Disorders (view poster)

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