Creative & Print

Print communications are a part of just about every organization’s marketing arsenal. There are many variables to consider when putting a professional printing job together, and high level of communication between the client and the vendor is key to coming up with solutions that are both effective and affordable. We can provide guidance on all of your print communications, including newsletters, brochures, postcards, posters, ads, displays, vehicle wraps, murals and signage. We will work with you on your marketing strategies to ensure that your print communication is effective, engaging and within your budget.

Please allow 14 days of design time, not including printing and delivery. All contents, including text and photos, should be in final, spellchecked/proofed form before design process can begin. Three rounds of changes will be considered reasonable for each project. All jobs are considered on a first-come, first-served basis and are placed in a queue, unless deemed priority by CPA. Last minute changes or short deadlines may not be able to be accommodated, due to workload. Larger and more complex jobs may require longer design time.

Official UD letterhead, stationary, envelopes and business cards are available on campus through University Printing ONLY. These should not be ordered from a third party company unless pre-approved by CPA. Additionally, business card templates have been created for graduate and post-graduate students, and are available through University Printing by contacting them at 302-831-2153 or