UD Brand Style Guides

The UD Brand Style Guides detail the University of Delaware’s thematic and visual brand DNA. Included here are key messages and a graphic identity system rooted in extensive research and developed, vetted and embraced by our community. This cohesive and uniform guide to the UD brand offers a powerful and efficient way for the University to communicate with key audiences. The guide ensures that—as UD’s fight song says— “Delaware will shine.”

The University of Delaware Brand Style Guide is an important marker on our Path to Prominence. Your use of these guidelines will help us work together to advance the University.

Download UD Brand Style Guide

Download UD Signage and Vehicle Brand Style Guide

Please check back often as these brand guides are frequently updated.

Campus Signage

Campus signage, from building identification to directional signs, is another way in which UD maintains a consistent brand identity. All exterior building and directional signage should be developed in cooperation with the University of Delaware Office of Facilities Planning and Construction and the UD Architect:

142 General Services Building
222 South Chapel St.
Newark, DE 19716-1744
Fax: 302-831-8294
Telephone: 302- 831-1744
Email: ud-fpc@udel.edu

To request a new sign, please submit a completed Request Signage Form to the Office of Facilities Planning and Construction.

All UD signage should comply with standards outlined in the UD Signage and Vehicle Brand Style Guide.