Securing Approvals on UD Apparel and Giveaways

Follow this process when designing and ordering T-shirts, work shirts, hats and other giveaway items for your unit or department. All items bearing the University of Delaware name or marks MUST be created through a CLC-licensed vendor.

  1. Carefully consider the apparel item you’d like to purchase (e.g., color, style, fabric) and the look of the graphic(s) to be featured on it. Determine the quantity needed.
  2. Consult UD’s Brand Style Guide.
  3. If possible, create a color mockup of the item’s design.
  4. Consult UD’s list of licensees and select 2–3 vendors that specialize in the type of item to be ordered. Contact the selected vendors for price quotes and choose the quote that meets your needs.
  5. Email the University’s branding director, Keith Heckert, at with a description of the item, how it will be used and the quantity to be purchased. Include a color mockup if you have one. Relay as much detail as possible in the description, including the logos to be used, if any, and what licensed vendor you are planning on using.
  6. If the design meets all UD guidelines, it will be approved and you will be authorized to proceed to the next step with the vendor. Through an online approval website, the vendor will submit the mockup design to UD Licensing, indicating all colors and design specifications.
  7. You will handle all payments, pick-ups and other transactions directly with the vendor.
  8. Any sales of items by groups or individuals at UD must read the policies.

Official UD Blue & Yellow ONLY

UD apparel, products, giveaways and merchandise all have restricted color usage requirements. This applies to both internal/campus use and external vendors. All products and apparel using any blue and yellow color combination MUST use the UD Official Blue and Yellow color equivalents (PMS 2945c Royal Blue and PMS 109c Yellow). Other blue and yellow combinations CANNOT be used, such as navy and yellow, light blue and gold, indigo blue and canary, etc. UD does not allow athletic gold garments (equal to PMS 116 or PMS 123) to be used at any time, including fashion color garments. All official yellow garments must be bright yellow equal to PMS 109c.

Fashion Colors

Fashion colors are allowed to be used on a limited basis and ONLY applied to apparel.  These are considered to be any color combination other than blue and yellow. i.e. pink and white, green and tan, navy and white, navy and tan, etc. UD does not allow athletic gold garments (equal to PMS 116 or PMS 123) to be used at any time, including fashion color garments. Fashion color combinations should be pre-approved through Communications and Public Affairs.

These restrictions apply to all internal and departmental use and are limited to apparel only, giveaway items, products, etc.  Please see Official UD Colors section of this site for more details on specific colors. All products need to be created by a CLC-Licensed vendor. These vendors, when licensed, have access to all hi-resolution logos, color specs (including embroidery thread colors and fabrics) through Collegiate Licensing Company.