Graphic Standards


Introduction to UD official colors

The school colors for University of Delaware are blue and yellow-gold. The faculty of Delaware College first chose blue and gold as the college colors in 1889. This decision may have come in connection with the development of team sports, for this same fall was the first football season. The colors adopted were those of the state of Delaware. The Delaware state flag, officially adopted in 1913, has a buff-colored diamond with the coat of arms, surrounded by a background of colonial blue. According to the original designers of the flag, the shades of buff and colonial blue represent the colors of General George Washington’s uniform. Blue and gold are also the colors of Sweden, from which Delaware’s first permanent colonists came.

For the football helmet only, a metallic blue is used instead of the standard blue. Metallic gold can be substituted for yellow in some cases.

Color Models

pantoneSeveral different color models are used today. Below is a description of the three most common models for printed materials and the most common used for projected images.


The coated model is most often associated with media guides, magazine covers and postcards. There is a glossier look to coated paper as opposed to uncoated. Colors are found in the PANTONE Matching System (PMS) designated as the coated model. PMS numbers for coated are followed by a “c” for correct matching. The University’s official colors for apparel, gifts, novelties, etc., are based on Pantone coated colors, including Delaware Blue (PMS 2945C), Delaware Yellow-Gold (PMS 109C), YoUDee Blue (PMS 299C), YoUDee Red (PMS 187C), etc.

PANTONE Uncoated

This is used for letterhead, the multi-purpose paper used in most printers, envelopes, and most business cards. Colors are selected from the PANTONE Matching System (PMS) designated as the uncoated model. PMS numbers for uncoated are followed by a “u” for correct matching. Communications and Public Affairs maintains the PMS color equivalents for Pantone Uncoated uses.


Specific thread brand and color equivalents for the official coated pantone colors are available to licensees via The Collegiate Licensing Company. High quality and pre-approved embroidery tapes are available through J Patton Stitches on Demand.

Process/CMYK Color

Printing companies use the phrase “four color process” or CMYK (referring to the four colors – Cyan, Magenta, Yellow, and blacK – used in processing). For programs that do not have PANTONE models, this is the best substitute for printed materials. Colors are broken down into these four parts, and have values ranging from 0 to 100.

RGB Color

This model is best for projected images; images seen on a television, computer or video screen. In this model, colors are broken down into three components of light: Red, Green, and Blue.

Hexadecimal Color

These 216 six-digit hexadecimal color codes define what are considered safe, non-dithering colors. This palette displays color graphics based on an 8-bit system. The goal was to have a common set of colors for many kinds of computer displays and operating systems (Macintosh, Windows, Unix). The importance of these safe colors has been reduced dramatically over the years as display monitors have become more capable to display many colors. 16 or 32 bit color systems are.

Official color charts

Below is a list of all the official color selections for University of Delaware’s logos, by acceptable color model.

Pantone Coated Color Equivalents

Delaware Blue 2945C 100-38-0-15 0-83-159 #00539F
Delaware Yellow-Gold 109C 0-9-94-0 255-210-0 #FFD200
YoUDee Blue 299C 87-19-0-0 0-160-223 #00A0DF
Delaware Red 187C 0-91-72-24 175-30-45 #AF1E2D
Delaware Gray Cool Gray 4C 0-0-0-28 189-189-189 #bdbdbd

Trademarks of University of Delaware may appear in full color or one-color versions as shown throughout the licensing site. They should appear only as shown or otherwise permitted by the licensing office and as presented in the UD Brand Style Guide.

Delaware Yellow-Gold
PMS 109C
1124 2462 1187
Delaware Blue
PMS 2945C
1076 2220 1535
YoUDee Blue
PMS 299C
1297 2730 861
YoUDee Red
PMS 187C
1147 2263 1147
Delaware Gray
Cool Gray 4C
1011 2592 1327

Opaque Vinyl Colors

Delaware Yellow-Gold
PMS 109C
Bright Yellow(109C) 180C-15 209 Maize Yellow 209 Maize Yellow Primrose YellowA6110-0 Lemon Zest(109C) A9113-0
Delaware Blue
PMS 2945C
Vivid Blue180C-17 509 Sea Blue 057 Traffic Blue Vivid BlueA6570-0 Vivid BlueA9570-0
YoUDee Blue
PMS 299C
Olympic Blue180C-47 547 Fjord Blue 517 Euro Blue Olympic BlueA6530-0 Olympic BlueA9530-0
YoUDee Red
PMS 187C
Geranium180C-63 031 Red 031 Red True RedA6332-0 Fire RedA9345-0
Delaware Gray
Cool Gray 4C
Medium Gray180C-31 730 Simple Grey 074 Middle Grey Medium GrayA6035-0 Medium GrayA9035-0

Reflective Vinyl Colors

COLOR NAME PANTONE 3MScotchlite Reflective ORACALSeries 5500 Reflective AVERYReflective
Delaware Yellow-Gold
PMS 109C
Yellow680-71, 680CR-71 Yellow020 YellowA7812-R
Delaware Blue
PMS 2945C
Blue680-75, 680CR-75 Blue050 BlueA7822-R
Delaware White
White680-10, 680CR-10 White010 WhiteA7801-R
Delaware Gold[Vehicles Only]
PMS 872C
Gold680-64, 680CR-64 Gold091 GoldA7807-R

Any use of all marks requires written approval prior to production. The name and marks of the University of Delaware are controlled under a licensing program administered through the Collegiate Licensing Company.

UD Apparel and product color restrictions

Official UD Blue & Yellow ONLY
UD apparel, products, giveaways and merchandise all have restricted color usage requirements. This applies to both internal/campus use and external vendors. All products and apparel using any blue and yellow color combination MUST use the UD Official Blue and Yellow color equivalents (PMS 2945c Royal Blue and PMS 109c Yellow). Other blue and yellow combinations CANNOT be used, such as navy and yellow, light blue and gold, indigo blue and canary, etc. UD does not allow athletic gold garments (equal to PMS 116 or PMS 123) to be used at any time, including fashion color garments. All official yellow garments must be bright yellow equal to PMS 109c.

Fashion Colors

Fashion colors are allowed to be used on a limited basis and ONLY apply to apparel.  These are considered to be any color combination other than blue and yellow. i.e. pink and white, green and tan, navy and white, navy and tan, etc. UD does not allow athletic gold garments (equal to PMS 116 or PMS 123) to be used at any time, including fashion color garments. Fashion color combinations should be pre-approved through Communications and Public Affairs.

Review the step-by-step process on securing approvals on UD apparel and giveaways.

These restrictions apply to all internal and departmental use and are limited to apparel only, giveaway items, products, etc.  Please see Official UD Colors section of this site for more details on specific colors. All products need to be created by a CLC-Licensed vendor. These vendors, when licensed, have access to all hi-resolution logos, color specs (including embroidery thread colors and fabrics) through Collegiate Licensing Company.