Brand Identity

Each University of Delaware college, center, department and program has a unique role to play in the overall UD brand story and in moving the University to even greater prominence.

Our brand platform helps each of the University of Delaware’s communications and marketing efforts work in concert with one another. A brand platform is a set of guidelines that serves as a common foundation for brand development and governs all aspects of a brand’s visual elements, messages and implementation. To be successful, every entity in the UD community needs to deliver the UD brand identity and message through its programs and activities.

Communications and Public Affairs is available to help:

  • Promote the University of Delaware brand in ways that are meaningful, compelling and motivating to all constituencies.
  • Create visual consistency in the way the University of Delaware brand is presented to the world and to increase UD’s brand value in the higher education marketplace.
  • Fuel and grow shared affinity, enthusiasm and passion for the University of Delaware among its constituencies and audiences.

The members of the University of Delaware community, including our outside partners, are stewards and storytellers of this great University. Our task is to articulate and herald its unique identity to the world. The University of Delaware’s Brand Style Guide is designed to help all those working at and with UD to be the best ambassadors of its image, reputation and story throughout the world.


Campus signage, from building identification to directional signs, is another way in which UD maintains a consistent brand identity. All exterior building and directional signage should be developed in cooperation with the University of Delaware Office of Facilities Planning and Construction and the UD Architect:

142 General Services Building
222 South Chapel St.
Newark, DE 19716-1744
Fax: 302-831-8294
Telephone: 302- 831-1744

To request a new sign, please submit a completed New Exterior Sign Request Form to the Office of Facilities Planning and Construction.

All UD signage should comply with standards outlined in the UD Signage and Vehicle Brand Style Guide.


In order to ensure the safety and health of the occupants of University buildings and structures at all times and limit potential damage to buildings and other structures, the University of Delaware permits academic departments, administrative units and recognized student organizations to hang banners on the UD Newark campus subject to certain requirements.

To request banner space, see banner size guidelines, and to make contact for a specific building, please see the UD Banner Guidelines.

View the current Banner Policy.

Reporting Unauthorized Use

The Licensing and Trademark Program works closely with the University of Delaware community and others to identify unauthorized uses of UD’s trademarks and carefully examines all reports it receives of the possible infringement of the University of Delaware name and logos. If you are concerned about possible unauthorized use of the University of Delaware name or other UD trademarks, please contact the Trademark & Licensing Program at  The identity of any individual or group contacting our office will be kept confidential if requested.