Services and Support

For many students, their greatest psychological benefit comes not from individual therapy, but from engaging in discussions and activities with others who share similar needs. However, we do offer a variety of services including individual short-term therapy, career counseling, group activities, culturally responsive services, psychiatric care, crisis support, and off-campus referral services. To connect with CCSD, call us at 302-831-2141 during business hours (M-F, 8-5) or the UD Helpline at 302-831-1001 remains available 24 hours a day for any student in need. If you are experiencing an emergency, please call 911

CCSD services are available virtually. See a full menu of our services below.  We also encourage you to explore our website as we have many on-line resources listed throughout here as well.  There may be states in which we are unable to offer our full menu of services, but please call our front desk (302-831-2141) and they will schedule you with an appropriate appointment to help you meet your needs.

NEW!  Now you can reserve a room for therapy hour in Perkins and Trabant.  To make a reservation remotely and in advance, click here, then look for ‘Book a student space.

Emergency Assistance

If you perceive an immediate danger or risk of suicide, call 911 for immediate assistance.

Students can also reach mental health support 24 hours a day on the UD Helpline or the Crisis Text Line.

Current Services

If you are interested in our support and services:

Please give us a call at 302-831-2141 during our normal business hours to talk with our front desk staff who will help you set up an appointment or direct you to the correct resource you are seeking. We are able to offer our full menu of services in our 5 state area (DE, MD, NJ, NY, and PA).  Students living outside of these states will have more limited options but should call to inquire. The following services may be offered to you as the first step when you give us a call:

  • Culturally Responsive Services:  We offer our support services for students who would like to meet with staff either who share their identity or are identified as competent allies.  Please see the Culturally Responsive Services section for more information.
  • Triage: Our front desk staff will help you get set up with an appointment to talk with one of our triage counselors to help you figure out which of our various services would be the best fit for your needs.They will ask you for your name, student ID, and contact information.
  • Group therapy services: Let our front desk staff know which group you are interested in, and they will schedule you with the counselor who is facilitating the group. The counselor you will meet with will talk about initiating services with us, ask you some questions to get a  sense of your needs and therapy goals, and work collaboratively with you to see if their group is a good fit for you.
  • Psychiatry and short-term individual therapy services with us: The first step is to schedule a triage (see above) with one of our counselors who will get to know your needs and goals, and provide recommendations for next steps.  If you are seeking psychiatry as a stand-alone service, in most cases, you should ask for an appointment with our referral coordinator.  If you have questions, please call and consult with one of our counselors.
  • Emergency/crisis services: Let the front desk staff know you are in crisis and someone will call you back as soon as they can. Typically this will be within the same day.  During this call a counselor may offer support, assess for your and others’ safety, as well as offer appropriate resources for next steps.  You can also call the UD Helpline at 302-831-2141, 24/7 for support and emergency resources.
  • Off-campus referrals: Let the front desk staff know you would like an appointment with our referral coordinator who can help you identify local resources to you.  You can also access our off campus referral database as well.
  • Consultation: If you are concerned about a friend, student, or family member and would like to know more about our services, please request a consultation.  Our front desk staff will get your name and number, and a counselor will call you back within 24 hours, though often it is within the same day.

If you are an organization on campus that is interested in a workshop or outreach for your community please let us know.  Or, please fill out our request for outreach services form.  We request that all outreach requests are made as far as advanced as possible before the date of requested services.


Support for Self-Care

Students can better understand their mental health and address aspects of their wellbeing through self-care activities. Our recently published Nature-Based Guide to Self-Care can be particularly beneficial during this time of social distancing. Visit our Support for Self-Care page for this and more downloadable guides and activities.

Current Group Offerings

CCSD Group Services are currently being offered virtually. Please note there are some states that place restrictions on our ability to provide telemedicine services.  Please click here for more information on our Group Services.

You’ve Got This

You’ve Got This! Online
If you would like to learn more about our new You’ve Got This! Online workshops, please give us a call at 302-831-2141 and ask to speak with a counselor to get more information on how to access it, and how best to utilize this for your specific needs.

Current Groups

Please use the arrows to scroll below our current offerings.  Click on an image for a downloadable .PDF

  • Winter 2021 Living With Loss

Referral Services

Our Referral Coordinator remains available for students and their families who would like assistance connecting with an off-campus provider that suits their needs. CCSD may refer a student off-campus if, in the clinician’s judgment, the student’s counseling requirements fall beyond the scope of our services.

When you meet with the Referral Coordinator, your needs and preferences with regard to an outside therapist will be assessed. You’ll discuss topics such as whether or not you will be using insurance, whether you need to walk or would be willing to take public transportation, and how quickly you need an appointment. If you would like to include family members in the process, or to have insurance benefits explained, the Referral Coordinator can assist with those considerations as well.

Once a referral has been generated and/or an initial appointment with an outside therapist has been scheduled, the Referral Coordinator will follow up with you to ensure the match was a good one and to make sure all of your questions have been addressed. Through our robust referral program, the CCSD strives to address the needs of students presenting with mental health concerns, whether those needs are best served by one of our own clinicians or by an outside provider.

Off-Campus Providers Directory

Other Off-Campus Provider Directories
Delaware Psychological Association
Psychology Today Therapist Directory
National Board for Certified Counselors

Local providers interested in becoming part of our local referral system may email our referral coordinator, Allison Banbury at abanbury@udel.edu. Existing providers may update directory information here.

Culturally Responsive Services

We offer the current support services for students who would like to meet with staff either who share their identity or are identified as competent allies.  Please see our current flyers below for more information and a downloadable PDF.

Student of Color Virtual Drop-in hours:   Students of color can meet with staff of color without going through our triage process.  To access these appointments, call our main number and request one of these meetings.  You will be offered the first available open time.  

Rainbow Virtual Drop-In Hours:  LGBTQQIA students can meet with staff who are identified allies of LGBTQQIA without going through our triage process.  To access these appointments, call our main number and request one of these meetings.  You will be offered the first available open time. Current hours are Tuesdays and Fridays 11:00 A.M. – 12:00 P.M.

Undocumented and DACAmented Drop-In Services (UDDIS):  Undocumented and DACAmented students can meet with staff who are identified as allies without going through our triage process.  To access such an appointment, call our main number and request a meeting with Dr. Kelly Ozambela.  You will be offered a consultation meeting with him during his first available time.   For more information regarding these services and additional resources, please click here.

Winter 2021 BISSG

Support for Student Veterans

While we recognize that there can be transition difficulties for all college students, often our Veterans and their dependents can face unique and unexpected challenges. Fortunately, student Veterans bring a unique set of characteristics and skills often molded by their military and life experiences that allow them to excel in conquering such difficulties. Visit our Support for Student Veterans and Dependents page for resources that can help you make the most of your career at UD.

Crisis Services and Suicide Prevention

UD Helpline 24/7/365 (Available 24 hours a day)

UD Helpline is available 24 hours a day, 365 days a year for any UD student feeling anxious, overwhelmed, or otherwise in need of someone to talk to. Callers to 302-831-1001 can press 1 to request a call back within 10 minutes from a Sexual Offense Support (SOS) advocate, or press 2 to connect with a mental health professional immediately.

UD Police and LiveSafe App (Available 24 hours a day)

If you or a friend are in immediate danger on or near campus, call 911 to connect with University of Delaware Police. You can also use the LiveSafe app on an Apple or Android smartphone to report an emergency or request assistance.

Crisis Text Line (Available 24 hours a day)

New in fall 2018, students can text “UDTEXT”, or “STEVE” for students of color, to the phone number 741741 to connect with confidential text message support.