Psychiatric Services

The CCSD psychiatric team consists of psychiatrists and advance practice nurses.  Initial appointments with the psychiatric staff are by referral from CCSD staff members only. Students who are in treatment with our psychiatric providers are expected to attend regularly scheduled appointments to continue receiving medication. Our psychiatric providers work closely with our therapists and are trained to assess the psychological, biological and medical concerns of students suffering from a variety of conditions including Mood Disorders, Anxiety Disorders, and Attention/Learning Disorders. Many of these concerns are known to have biological components.

Our psychiatric providers can help determine whether treatment with medications might be a useful adjunct to psychotherapy. If appropriate, they can prescribe and monitor the use of psychotropic medications for those students currently receiving psychological services through CCSD. They are strongly committed to the belief that medication should be only one part of the treatment of mental health concerns and will therefore not typically prescribe for students who are not in psychotherapeutic treatment at our Center. Those seeking medication management alone may be better served by off campus prescribers.

There is no additional fee for psychiatric service provided through the CCSD beyond the Student Wellbeing Fee. However, students will be responsible for paying for any prescribed medications and/or laboratory tests ordered. Please see the tabs below for more information on eligibility for psychiatric services and options for students who are already taking medication.

Emergency Assistance

If you perceive an immediate danger or risk of suicide, call 911 for immediate assistance.

Students can also reach mental health support 24 hours a day on the UD Helpline or the Crisis Text Line.

CCSD works within a short-term therapy model. Because the demand for services is high, eligibility for on-campus psychiatric services is limited primarily to those students who are in ongoing treatment with a CCSD psychologist.

If you are a current client receiving individual or group therapy from CCSD, your therapist may make the referral. You must continue regular counseling with your therapist in order to receive psychiatric services.

If you are in therapy with an off-campus provider, we cannot provide your psychiatric care. We encourage you to speak with your therapist about options for psychiatric care in the community or make an appointment with our referral coordinator.

If you are not currently in treatment anywhere and would like to be seen at CCSD for medication management, you must first attend an initial triage meeting (click here for information regarding your first appointment) with a CCSD clinician to determine whether your needs can be best met at CCSD or elsewhere. Following that meeting, a referral for psychiatric services (and most likely for individual therapy) may be made.

In those cases where students require longer-term, more intensive or more specialized psychiatric and/or psychotherapeutic care than we can provide at CCSD, we will refer you to appropriate services off-campus.

Some students are already taking psychotropic medications when they come to UD. If you are taking medication prescribed by a psychiatrist or other practitioner at home and would like to continue on medication while at school, there are several options:

  1. Continue to have your current doctor prescribe your medications. Most medications can be called in to a Delaware pharmacy or sent by electronic prescription, even across state lines. This option will likely necessitate periodic visits home to meet with this doctor for periodic monitoring.
  2. Find a psychiatrist or other prescriber off-campus in the Newark or Wilmington area. Your current doctor may be able to assist you, or you can call CCSD for a referral to a local provider.
  3. Transfer your medication monitoring to CCSD psychiatrists. While we would like to assist as many students as we can, the high demand for services, the short-term nature of care offered at CCSD, and our strong belief that medication alone is rarely good care means this option is possible only under certain conditions. These determinations are made on a case-by-case basis by our psychiatrists.
  4. In order for us to consider whether on-campus psychiatric treatment is an option, we must have access to past records of your psychiatric treatment for our psychiatrists to review. If they feel your needs can be met within CCSD’s model of short-term treatment, you will be asked to meet with a psychologist for a triage appointment and most likely referred for concurrent individual or group psychotherapy. This process must be completed prior to scheduling an initial evaluation with the CCSD psychiatric staff.
  5. To help facilitate the transfer of records to us, you may sign a release of information form at your current doctor’s office and have records faxed or mailed to:

    Psychiatric Services
    Attn: Records Review
    209 Laurel Hall
    Newark, DE 19716
    Phone: 302-831-8992
    Fax: 302-831-4258

    Please make arrangements to have your current provider continue your medications until you have completed your initial evaluation with the psychiatrist at CCSD and they have agreed to assume responsibility for your treatment. We cannot write prescriptions for you until you have completed this process.

Many students enter college already on medications for ADHD and wish to continue these medications while in college. Other students may be diagnosed with ADHD for the first time after starting college and wish to start medication. The CCSD psychiatrists may prescribe medications for ADHD for students who provide the necessary information described in the Center for Counseling and Student Development ADHD Documentation Guidelines [PDF]. Please pay attention to the requirements as stated in this document as there is great variability in the testing performed for ADHD and learning problems. Students must bring this documentation to their triage appointment with CCSD therapist.

Prescription refills of stimulant medication prescribed for ADHD will be provided only during in-person monthly visits. This is in accordance with Delaware state law. Duplicate prescriptions for lost or stolen medication will not be provided.

While concurrent psychotherapy through the Counseling Center is not an absolute requirement for those students being medicated for ADHD, in some cases it may be recommended. In addition, it is strongly recommended that students with ADHD explore and utilize the services of the Academic Enrichment Center to further enhance their college experience.

Prescriptions refills are obtained during regularly scheduled follow-up visits with the psychiatrist. Students are responsible for determining whether their medication will last until their next appointment. If your prescription will run out prior to your next scheduled visit, please call CCSD during business hours (Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.) at 302-831-8992 to request a refill. A prescription will be available within 24 hours or the next business day. Prescription refills will not be provided after hours or on weekends. In certain cases, you may be asked to make an appointment before a prescription refill is provided.