Postdoctoral Fellowship

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The purpose of the postdoctoral fellowship is to provide advanced training for those who have completed a psychology internship in a college or university counseling center or a similar agency. The postdoctoral experience requires participants to engage in the full range of psychological activities that professional staff members engage in and it also allows for the development of specialized skills in areas that relate to counseling center work. While there are required activities (individual and group counseling, supervision, and intake assessments), fellows have the opportunity to work with a mentor/advisor in an area of professional interest. This work should involve the development of advanced skills and knowledge and can focus on research, clinical work and teaching.  This is a full-time position available August 7, 2018 through August 6, 2019.

Typical days for fellows at CCSD would include activities such as intake assessments, seeing individual clients, co-leading therapy groups, serving on Center committees, receiving supervision, providing supervision to a Masters student, attending Center staff meetings, facilitating outreach and consultation activities, teaching and working in an area of specialization.

The CCSD staff is highly committed to all Center training programs; staff members work with fellows in all aspects of their clinical and professional activities. The goal of the fellowship program is to prepare fellows for work as a psychologist in college and university counseling centers. By the end of the year, fellows will have accrued the supervised clinical hours needed to achieve psychology licensure in most states.

The Center for Counseling and Student Development staff is highly committed to the postdoctoral fellowship program and to the achievement of excellence in the experience. Postdoctoral fellows are encouraged to gain a broad exposure to the variety of professional activities and service delivery systems which exist in a contemporary college or university counseling setting. The expectation is that postdoctoral fellows will profit from the experience in terms of both their professional and personal growth. The opportunity exists to individualize the program so that special needs or skills of the postdoctoral fellow can be addressed or developed. At the completion of the postdoctoral fellowship, individuals will hopefully view the experience as a valuable addendum to their formal training in counseling and will be further capable of assuming positions of responsibility within the field.