Confidentiality – The CCSD strictly protects the confidentiality of information shared during sessions. We are ethically committed to confidentiality and federal/state laws require it. This means that even your attendance in counseling is kept confidential.

State and Federal law states that there are four exceptions to this general rule:

  • If you disclose to your counselor that you or another person, were abused or neglected as a child, we are legally obligated to report the information to the Delaware Division of Family Services. Please discuss this with your counselor, if you have any questions.
  • You may request (by means of a signed release of information) your therapist to disclose information to other individuals or agencies of your choice.
  • In instances where there is imminent danger. (In our judgment, if you are at risk of harming yourself or others, we may be obligated to take action to ensure that you or others are safe.) In the event it is necessary to send you to the hospital for further evaluation regarding your safety, we will need to inform the Office of the Dean of Students. The Office of the Dean of Students will coordinate class absences and other matters and will meet with you when you are ready to return to campus.
  • Where otherwise requested by subpoena or mandated by court order or State/Federal law.

The situations described above are extremely rare. If they should occur, however, it is the Center’s policy that, whenever possible, we will discuss with you any action that is being considered. You should be aware that we are not legally obligated to inform you or seek your permission, especially if such a discussion would prevent us from securing your safety or the safety of others. If disclosure of confidential information does become necessary, we will release only the information necessary to protect you and/or another person.