Learn About Yourself

career_chart_yourselfOne important part of career development is to learn about yourself, including your interests, your values, and your skills and abilities.  Notice the circles above intersect.  Sometimes values and interests overlap, or abilities and interests overlap, and so forth.  However, it may not be possible to find a career that meets all of your values, interests, and abilities like the very center of the figure.  Sometimes your work life will meet some values but not others or some interests but not others.  There is good news though!  You can always supplement your career with fun or interesting hobbies that meet some of the components your career is not meeting.

So how do you learn about yourself?  Or if you already know a lot about yourself, how do you make sense of that in relationship to careers?

Just click on any of the circles above for more information and some self-assessment exercises and resources about that particular topic.

Remember: Career exploration and development is a very complex process.  You may need assistance exploring any of these pieces and/or integrating all of this information and figuring out how it relates to majors and careers.  Please contact CCSD to schedule an appointment for further assistance.

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