Decisions, Learn about Yourself, Gain Experience, Learn about the World of Work

gain experience learn about yourself decisions learn about the world of work

Throughout your career journey, you will be faced with many decisions.

As you learn about yourself, you will be making decisions about what you want to major in, whether you would like a particular field of study, whether you would be good at a certain job.

As you learn about the world of work, you will be making decisions about whether some of the careers you’re considering would be a good fit for you.

As you gain experience, you will be making decisions about whether your experiences are those you want to continue or perhaps alter in the future.

Even after you’ve identified a career to pursue, you will be forever making decisions as your career development journey continues.  For example, you might be faced with new opportunities, changing values and priorities, changes in workforce trends, etc.

To help with all these decisions, we recommend you try the following model/tips/exercises.

How to Make Decisions

Paired Comparisons

Pros and Cons Exercise

What Do I Want to Major In?

Remember:  Career exploration and development is a very complex process.  You may need assistance exploring any of these pieces and/or integrating all of this information and figuring out how it relates to majors and careers.  Please contact CCSD to schedule an appointment for further assistance.