Career Concerns & Major Decisions

Career Chart | Decisions: Gain Experience - Learn About Yourself - Learn About the World of WorkDeciding on a career or major can be a complex process. We have designed a model to give you a framework for working through this process.

Notice that our model is circular. This reflects the ongoing, never-ending process we refer to as “career development.” Throughout your journey, you will need to explore a variety of factors. Please click on any of the circles above for further explanations and assessments. If you are not sure where to start, try clicking on the “Learn about Yourself” circle.

Many people do not stay in one career or occupation for their entire work lives. People change as they grow and develop and gain new experiences; the world of work changes as well. Think of your career development as an adventure, rather than simply approaching a destination. While it is a good idea to have goals, once you reach those goals, you will often develop new ones. In fact, your career development has already been underway for quite some time. We can give you some of the tools necessary to help you approach your career exploration in a meaningful, well-informed manner. These tools will continue to be useful to you throughout your lifetime of career and lifestyle planning.

Remember: Career exploration and development is a very complex process. You may need assistance exploring any of these pieces and/or integrating all of this information and figuring out how it relates to majors and careers. Please contact CCSD to schedule an appointment for further assistance.

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